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The Ray of Light within Superman

This issue was a fun story and very nice as a Halloween read.  The dark tones of this book make it a little more grown up then some of the other Superman stories made and it becomes more teen friendly then kid friendly.  With every good Vampire story sex sells and this is why this is not a comic I would let a kid read.  Lois is hot and the cleavage is distracting. 
The concept of if Superman can be a Vampire is intriguing and I loved how Jeph Loeb explores this idea.  Keeping in check the Superman mythos, but only distracting us with the monsters and the sex do we see what Loeb is really doing.  He wrote a great Superman tale and one I would reread for sure.
This issue has bite, if you haven't read it, check it out in DC Comics Presents: Superman #1
- Silkcuts

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