jointron33's Superman #18 - Metropolitan Nightmare review

An undeserved hatred

Everyone seems to be ragging on this issue, namely because Lobdell is writing it. I, however, do not have a crush on Tim Drake, so I don't hate Lobdell.


The art, while not done by Kenneth Rocafort, is quite good, and the way certain characters are drawn(namely Clark) resembles the same way Rocafort draws them. Also nice to see were ramifications from the previous storyline(H'el On Earth) still being present, much like the recent issue of The Flash. This includes references not only to the events of the storyline,but also the government being wary of Superman's Fortress of Solitude*more on that later). Also nice to see towards the end was Hector Hammond, a psychic villain with a big head who usually faces Green Lantern. This is interesting especially since Superboy will be facing Doctor Psycho, another psychich villain who is an enemy of Wonder Woman. Seeds are also planted for Orion, who will be in both this book as well as Wonder Woman's, and who I'm sure will be the end of Cliana(thank God).

Bad Let us speak no more of it.

The government storyline was thrown under the rug a bit early, though I'm sure it will still be prevalent in later issues. This, however, could lead to another issue, in that this isn't Marvel, it's DC. Why would the public be going J. Jonah Jameson on Superman? Ugh.....

I would have preferred to see some further interaction of the Superman Family, although this also may be rectified in later issues.


All in all, not a flawless issue, but not a horrid or even mediocre one either. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Posted by soumya

Lobdell's plot is not always bad.I agree on that...,but his narratives and dialogues are bad.

Edited by mikeyar19

I thought "Clarkcatropolis" was funny. Lobdell's style works best is more laid back issues like this, I think.

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