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Superman #18

The Good

The art in this issue is a little inconsistent, due to there being three different artists on pencils, but, they manage to add something to the sections that they have. Aaron Kunder does the chapters with Orion; and he makes the art look sketchy and big. It fits very well for a character like Orion. Tyler Kirkham and Robson Rocha provide their skills for the chapters with Superman and Clark Kent. Kirkham does a great job and almost matches the style of regular artist, Kenneth Rocafort, while Rocha adds some of his own style into his Clark and Cat scenes. Scott Lobdell handles having multiple artist very well by dividing the story into sections. The story has some huge potential and just like the last arc, is a great idea. The execution doesn't quite live up to what it could be. Orion is written how he should be, tough and mean. The United States Senate scene was also very interesting. We get to see how the US Senate reacts to discovering there is a giant icicle on the Arctic Circle. Lobdell manages to make it feel real. Lobdell also puts Lois back into the field, where she belongs. There is some great humor in this issue between Clark and Cat Grant and it's quite enjoyable.

The Bad

The art is good, but very inconsistent. DC should have tried to find an artist who worked fast and it would have made the story much more fluid in the visual side. Lobdell's dialog choices and characterization for Superman feels wrong from what we have seen in the New 52 and in the long history he has been around. He is very dark and comes off bratty talking to the Senate. The plot introduces too many new characters and villains that this story arc already feels like it's going to be a disaster. Lobdell also narrates things that don't need it. He should put a little more faith in the reader being able to figure out what is going on in the panels.

The Verdict (3/5)

I went into this issue with huge hopes. The last arc was fun and interesting but suffered from making it a crossover and having to pick up every issue to even get what was going on. This issue doesn't give readers much hope that this story will go down as a great story for Superman. Instead, we get a Superman who feels much different from what we are use to and really comes off as a narcissistic god. It's even worse due to lack of interesting events that occur in this issue. If you want to get into Superman, there is a new series coming out in a few months. I would hold out until we can get the Superman, we as fans, deserve.

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