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Extra-sized issue! Exactly one hundred issues ago, the impossible happened: Superman died. Now his killer has returned, deadlier than ever! Make way for the all-new Doomsday Rex! This "Last Laugh" tie-in will slay you!

"2001 46" in Superman "S" in upper right hand corner

Joker breaks into the Pentagon and uses his joker venom on Doomsday who is being kept in stasis. Doomsday attacks while Lex Luthor is giving a speech at the White House. Superman and Doomsday fight one the White House lawn and eventually move the battle to inside the White House itself. Lex Luthor springs a trap which captures Superman and Doomsday and admits synthetic kryptonite radiation. The radiation, having more of an effect on Superman than Doomsday allows the latter to gain the upper-hand and then break out of the trap. Martian Manhunter who had been disguised within the White House confronts Doomsday and enters his mind. Doomsday beats Martian Manhunter. Superman, having had time to recover, slams into Doomsday knocking him into the Lincoln Memorial. Martian Manhunter warns that Doomsday is learning and understanding what is going on around him. Superman races to the Lincoln Memorial and begins fighting with Doomsday. Throughout the course of the fight Superman explains that since Doomsday is now sentient he is becoming aware of pain, doubt, and he understands that he doesn't want to die today. Superman knocks Doomsday unconscious and is then approached by Luthor letting him know the Department of Extranormal Operations will handle taking Doomsday back into confinement. We cut to Lex Luthor meeting with Darkseid, Luthor reveals he let loose Doomsday as a sort of weapons test to prove Doomsday's worth to Darkseid. The issue ends with Superman returning home to visit his parents who were worried about him during his fight with Doomsday.

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