leadervladimir's Superman #17 - Fury At World's End review

Adequate Ending

I've been waiting a full month to read this issue, and now that I had, well... It wasn't what I was expected but it still fulfilled my expectations.

The Good: The H'El on Earth arc ends with a ending, that while not perfect, it's still satisfying. The issue gives every character a fair amount of development and I enjoyed how the Super-family finally put their differences aside to finally take H'El down. It was also good to see Kara finally agree with her cousin on one thing: H'El must be stopped. At first, I had a mad on for her because she was being unreasonable for ignoring Superman, even though he had her intentions at her. By the end of the issue, I might have grown fond of her. We'll see how she develops in her own book. The art is as good as always.

The Bad: I didn't like how underused the Oracle was. The promotional material made it a big deal about how the Oracle was going to interfere in the story arc. When he appears, his presence is minimal at best, downright unimportant at worst. He is only a passive observer. I guess covers do lie when it comes to these kind of things.

I enjoyed the H'El on Earth crossover. Now, let's move onto the next big story! Good reading!


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