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Escape to a Planet to Watch the Fight of the Century!

From October 1963 comes the Silver Age Superman in his continuing battle with Lex Luthor. In this issue it is said that their boyhood rivalry finally comes to a head in this issue.

The cover is striking. Superman being beat up by Luthor on a red sun where Supes has no powers. How the heck did that happen? Looks like Curt Swan art on the cover.

There are two stories inside. The first has Luthor in jail, brooding about Superman and how jealous he must be for Luthor’s supreme intelligence. No one can say Luthor is a modest man.

Building a giant robot out of a printing press, he busts out of jail, interrupts local TV and announces a challenge to Superman. Supes accepts. Lois tries to talk him out of it, feeling it is his pride talking. And she may be right.

Quickly we get to a planet where they begin their duel. It’s pretty cool the various devices each uses. You just can’t stop but wonder what Luthor could actually do with his talents if he was not so obsessed.

The story slows a bit when Luthor finds himself a hero to the people of this planet. How Superman could think this was a deserted world and so many people on it was a bit silly.

Second story is a Phantom Zone story about a superstitious criminal from Krypton and how Jimmy Olsen and Superman beat him at his own game.

What I love about the Silver Age is the outlandish way they go about getting a villain – putting a magnetic stone under the bad guy so his belt does not work which bounces off Phantom Zone rays. How’d he do that??

This book goes for about $165.00 in Near Mint on eBay.

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