leadervladimir's Superman #15 - Because I'm a Scorpion review

Return of Lex Luthor

After taking a break from writing reviews, I return with the latest issue of Superman. Big surprise! Superman and Superboy meet Lex Luthor! It is awesome as it sounds.

Okay, so after being kicked out of his own Fortress, Superman takes Superboy to a military prison designed to hold only one person: Lex Luthor. Yep, one prison for one person. The concept is not exactly new, is it? Well, anyway, it turns out Luthor has known H'El for quite sometime and is willing to help Superman stop him, for a price, of course. And that price is a few minutes with Superboy. During their short exchange, Luthor proves to be aware of Superboy's origins.

One thing I noticed on Luthor is his scars. According to Luthor, Superman was the one who caused them in the first place in an attempt to kill him. I had trouble accepting that, Superman wouldn't kill anyone, even Lex, but otherwise, it didn't detract the issue in any way for me. Lex keeps taunting Superman that the only way to stop H'El is to kill him, but Superman is too soft for that.

Outside that, I enjoyed the interactions between Superman and Superboy. It seemed like they were father and son, or even a big brother with a little brother. I hope Kenneth Rocafort can maintain a stable relationship beween the two, specially with what has happened between Superman and Supergirl.

This was a nice issue and the story was well-established. Kenneth Rocafort does not disappoint with the pencils. I'm actually enjoying the arc so far. If Scott Lobdell keeps the writing as sterling as it was in this issue, then this story will be a memorable Superman saga.

Good reading!


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