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Superman with his new energy-based powers wearing a containment suit is out of Metropolis to deal with some military issue somewhere far away.

Lex Luthor is remembering the time as he was a kid in a foster family. Lex shows that he had a particular bond to the girl whose name, Lena.

Luthor's attending a speech in town, a story covered by the famous reporter of the Daily Planet, Lois Lane. Meanwhile, the child of the Contessa Erica Alexandra Del Portenza is about to be given birth.

Indeed, Lex Luthor has something in mind. During the speech, the speaker is suddenly shot and at the meantime, Superman, is saving the world and the awaiting child is born.

Lex Luthor pulled the strings to get the revenge of the murder of the only girl he'd ever loved, Lena by setting up her murderer, their foster father, Casey Griggs. He was paid for killing the speaker and as Superman is not in Metropolis, the crime could not have been prevented.

After dealing with the case, Luthor came to see Doctor Cordova and take his child in his arms, Lena Luthor. After Lena's birth, Lex takes advantage of Contessa Erica's wish to be unconscious at child birth by keeping her permanently drugged and unconscious at his corporate headquarters, not wishing to share his daughter's love with anyone else.

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