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Wish Superman Would Get Good

This has been a big disappointment for me so far. OK since Jurgens been on board it has been getting a bit better but it's still not the great Superman we got back when Robinson or Johns have done in the past and Morrison is kinda doing the now on Action Comics. The art is nicer now Merino isn't doing finishes (although he's credited on the front) and I hope and think Lobdell will do a great job from next weeks Annual and next months issue 0.

This issue we see Superman fighting with an alien the Russians brought to earth to be there own Superman but is killing people as there are no rules on that were he comes from. The Russians upset that they can't have there own Superman blow up the base with Superman just managing to escape (but no such luck for the alien apparently). The issue ends with Clark visiting Lucy who he stood up again to apologize and go bungee jumping with. That's about it in the middle Superman lectures the alien on what it's doing is wrong nut besides that not much.

Final verdict. This is not the Superman series I was expecting to see but it's a good finish to a mediocre run by Jurgens. I would however recommend coming back and seeing how Lobdell does as he has done a great job on the 2 series he does already (Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws) and his previous series (Superboy).

Rating: 3/5


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    FINALLY! Despite the cover's credits, Jesus Merino ISN'T doing the finished art for Dan Jurgens, Ray McCarthy is, and the difference is IMMEDIATELY noticeable. It's still got a bit of an outdated style, but it doesn't look NEARLY as stiff or weird as it did before. Just in time for Jurgens to be off the book I guess...The pacing for this issue swings wildly. First Superman's thinking he tangled with someone on Darkseid's level, then suddenly he THINKS and gets tactical advantages and suddenly he...

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