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The first 9 issues of Superlopez were originally published by Ediciones Bruguera between 1980 and 1986, until it dissapeared due to bankruptcy. Ediciones B bought the rights of Superlopez, re-edited the first 9 issues and continued publishing the volume since 1987. In 1993, Ediciones B changes the size of the issues and introduces embossed covers. Again, they re-publish issues #1 to #22 with this new format, and continue the volume until issue #32. From 1999, they give up the embossed covers and continue with 5 new issues (#33 to #37), but this time without re-editing the whole series again. The Ole Collection finishes with issue #37. The volume will continue, tough, by the name of Fans Collection. This will mean a change in the distribution of the volume. The whole volume from issue #1 has been re-published under the Fans Collection, and arrived to issue #56. Now the volume goes within the "Magos del humor" Collection, who has been publishing Superlopez from 2002, with issue #32. In may 2011, ediciones B published "Magos del humor" #143, wich would be Superlopez #58.

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