Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #3

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The Good

Whether you like the SUPERIOR Spider-Man or not, you have to admit Spider-Man controlled by Otto Octavius usually gets the job done in an efficient manner. He just sometimes gets a tad too arrogant. But that's part of the charm in seeing this (what everyone should know is temporary) Spider-Man.

Continuing from the newly relaunched MIGHTY AVENGERS, Spider-Man, Luke Cage and other "street-level" Avengers are dealing with an alien attack, initiated by Thanos since the main Avengers are off planet dealing with the events in INFINITY.

You get a good sense of the chaos from the invasion. Michael Del Mundo's art and colors gives an interesting take on Spider-Man. It might not be totally fitting with what we're used to but it's a nice style.

The Bad

This was one of those moments where I temporarily forgot Chris Yost was not writing this issue. There was an odd sense that SUPERIOR Spidey was explaining too much but that can largely be attributed to this being a tie-in issue and new-reader friendly.

We're introduced to a new character. She could be interesting. There could be some potential. It's a little out of place in the midst of this tie-in. We do see her 'origin' but it's a little hard to be fully invested when we're trying to focus on Spidey and the invasion. Without a full explanation to how she got her powers, I'm finding it a little difficult to really care what happens to her next.

This is also an example when a tie-in interrupts the flow of series. I'm much more interested in what Yost has been developing. We'll have to wait for issue #5 to see that.

The Verdict

It's an INFINITY tie-in. Even so, this issue won't add a lot to the overall story. This is more of a tie-in to this month's MIGHTY AVENGERS #1 since the focus is on the Avengers that stayed behind on Earth. We get to see SUPERIOR Spidey deal with a potential new hero. Obviously he has his own motives but it still makes an interesting exchange. Regardless, this two-issue arc interrupts a story I was more interested in with one I can easily do without.

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Wow. That's the first time i see a one star review!

EDIT: Lol it was a two star :-P

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I'm counting 2 stars but I could just be seeing double.

I've been loving the Superio Spider-Man, but I've noticed there's a significant drop off in the quality of his spin-off titles.

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I'm seeing double - four Krustys!

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Forget the stars can i retract my bid on ebay! Forgot that this was tieing into Infinity, damn it.

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@hecktate: Even Superior foe? I was thinking of getting it, just because I'd like to read a title about fairly obscure villains.

#7 Posted by HeckTate (1466 posts) - - Show Bio

@maccyd: Foes has some good moments but imo it still has that noticeable drop in quality. I'd say flip through a copy in store before deciding to buy.

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I actually kind of enjoyed this issue. I liked the artwork, and the story was fun enough. I know that's not exactly the greatest praise, but if you're into the Superior Spider-man and Infinity, I see no reason to not pick it up.

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This wasn't that bad, I enjoyed the reading experience was really fun. and the art was cool

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Haven't read this yet. But hopefully it's not that bad.

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I liked it, but I seem to like most everything I read. This seemed like a quick read though. It also seems to be hinting at the Inhuman story coming up, with the mist and all.

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I cant seem to care about this series just yet.

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I enjoyed this. The new electro-lady seems cool. I'd give it a three out of five, and, thus, am outraged by this review.

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why does G-Man keep saying SpOck is only temporary? all Dan Slott ever says in the letters page is the exact opposite

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@g_man: I don't know Tony, I just read this issue and I quite actually loved it. I loved Spock's charm and Flumina was quite an interesting character I want to see more of. I also think it actually contributes the Infinity arc too since she joins the Mighty Avengers team. I would give this issue a 4. The only downside is the art.

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I was Luke-warm (ha, Luke) about this one after the first couple. Throw in the Infinity tie-in, and I can't really argue with the review. I don't know what it is about this event, it just seems sortof drawn out. I may revisit this on issue #5.

I will say, I absolutely love Superior Foes of Spiderman. Funniest comic I've read since Deadpool was stalked by an insane psychologist in vol. 3.

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