super_man_23's Superior Spider-Man #9 - Troubled Mind, Part Three: Gray Matters review

Superior Spider-Man 9

Ryan Stegman's artwork is back! And just in time too for the Parker-ectomy.

The Good

Right now, I'm speechless. This was, by far, the best issue of this series so far. The battle between the Amazing Spider-Man and the Superior Spider-Man! Dan Slott does an outstanding job that compliments his skills as a writer for the Spider-Man title. He really nailed all the fine points of what makes Spider-Man who he is today and executed every situation masterfully with both Ock and Parker giving valid points of why the other should not be Spider-Man.

I said in an earlier review that Dan Slott needs to make his position clear to the readers on the case, "is the original Spider-Man coming back?" Oh boy, did Slott make sure he's on the side that Parker ain't coming back. The ending is proof of that.

Speaking of endings, this ending was sad and scary at the same time. In the end, Ock made a valid point that the reason Parker almost stopped him from performing surgery on a girl in the last issue was that he did not want Ock to have the brain machine. He ultimately convinced Parker that he did not use his great power with great responsibility and that was jaw dropping. However, seeing Ock now in full control of Parker's body is now super scary as he can do whatever he pleases now.

Ryan Stegman back on as artist is awesome! He did an outstanding job with the art on this issue and the darker colors worked well with the theme of this issue. However, his worked really shined with the last two pages of this comic book. His portrayal of the situation of how Parker lost against Ock in his own head was amazing. On the inside I was sad that Parker actually lost full control of his body, and the last page made me feel scared that Ock had won complete control. Stegman you are a genius!

The Bad

No complaints.

The Verdict

This is the perfect time for new readers to jump on board. With an action packed issue like this, readers who have passed this series by will want to keep coming back for more Superior Spider-Man action. Ock is in control and that is just crazy. Things have gone from bad to worse real fast and no one can stop Spider-Man now. No one! Ryan Stegman is back as artist and it'll be great to see what he does in the future with Dan Slott. Overall 5 out of 5.

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Posted by DJ1107

Hey I ment to thumbs up your review but I was typing with my phone & my thumb hit the thumbs down. Sorry about that.

Posted by artint

I really appreciate this review. Many people claimed this issue ruined peters characterization. People tend to forget that real humans do things out of character all the time. That's what makes for interesting stories not the mundane same thing over and over again. What's the point of reading that story?

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