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Superior Spider-Man #9

At first I didn't know what to think of this issue, but upon reading it a second time I realized how well crafted it is. First, the artwork and coloring is absolutely phenomenal, and is probably my favorite art in the series to date. Second, the writing is very well planned and makes great references to the past. The last thing I liked about this issue is what it is setting the path for in the future.

As far as the content goes, I cringe at the idea of Peter Parker losing to Doc Ock, but the story is stronger if he loses here. It would be a complete waste of a series if Peter got his body back so quickly. Especially, if he got it back by having a battle in his head. The final showdown between Ock and Peter should be set in reality and not in his head.

Also, in order to win the battle, Peter will have to really plan out his strategy and become superior to Doc Ock. He'll have to outsmart, out fight, and show that he is truly more heroic than Ock, showing that he is the true Spider-man. I want Peter back just as much as anyone, but I want it done right, which is the only reason why I'm glad Peter didn't come back in this issue.

Although I worry at times about where Slott is taking the story and Peter's life, I trust his writing. I mean, Slott obviously knows his spider-man history(peter palmer reference, living brain, etc) and he isn't going to take shortcuts in this story which is a good thing. So before you judge the issue for the dramatic events, think about how it will fall into place in the long run.

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