super_man_23's Superior Spider-Man #8 - Troubled Mind, Part Two: Proof Positive review

Superior Spider-Man 8

The conclusion of the Avengers and Spider-Man! Will Ock's secret be revealed to the Avengers? And what of the fate of Parker's secret and Cardiac's hospital?

The Good

This issue ended pretty well. Cardiac didn't die, which is good, and Dan Slott is slowly showing that Ock-Parker (or the Superior Spider-Man) has a nicer side to him. Slott continues to impress me by showing that Ock can control himself in certain situations, however I like knowing that he is still crazy and can kill anyone at any time.

Dan Slott did a good job at adding the Avengers in this issue, without making them seem unimportant and bothersome.

Again, Dan Slott like in previous issues adds elements within this plot that will give readers something [more] to look forward to (i.e. Carlie Cooper searching for proof of Ock being in Parker's body, Black Widow possibly looking into the situation of Ock in Parker's body as well). However, the ending of this issue, with Ock finding out that Parker is alive in his head, is going to be the main focus of next issue.

The artwork by Humberto Ramos continues to be one of the highlights of this series. Ramos does a great job with the style and design of the characters and makes reading, and looking, at this comic a great experience.

The Bad

The fight between Spider-Man and the Avengers could've lasted longer. However, Dan Slott shortened the fight only to have a twist within the plot. However, I do wish it lasted longer.

The Verdict

It will be interesting to see what Ock does to get Parker out of his head. Dan Slott has filled reader's minds with multiple promises of other characters, plot twists, and events to unfold in the near future, but it is getting harder to keep track of everything he's added. Anyway, the artwork is as good as usual and the story was not dragged out. Overall 4 out of 5.

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