therobberbarron's Superior Spider-Man #8 - Troubled Mind, Part Two: Proof Positive review

Bad Spidey Good Spidey

I honestly love the fact that Spider-Man comes out every two weeks. I do not think I could ever wait an entire month for the next issue. Dan Slott continuously makes me ask for more and this issue does just that.

Last issue it seemed like Doc Ock’s impersonation was coming to an end but after the Avengers run a battery of tests they find nothing wrong with him, nothing that they were smart enough to notice anyway. While looking over his test results Doc Ock notices an anomaly in his brain waves. The Doc needs to get to the bottom of this so he has no choice but to confront Cardiac again and retrieve his neuro machine but it doesn’t go exactly as plan. Deep down Otto has a soft side and instead of completely being a jerk he helps out Cardiac.

Once his good deed is done Doc Ock is even more determined to figure out his brain wave issues and he does just that! While it may have looked like Peter was about to take over that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

The Good

At first I really wasn’t a fan of Ghost Peter Parker but in this issue I was glad he was there. I really love the conflict Peter is creating for Doc Ock because he is slowly asserting himself control over their body. I love the way how Dan Slott is making Peter’s attempts pretty much futile and at the same time raising red flags to Otto. When Peter first started talking Otto he never heard a peep but now he is starting to here every third word. Otto is an already suspicious man so any flag will sound the alarm.

What I loved about this issue and Superior Spider-Man is that it’s a redemption story. For the last few weeks it looked like Doc Ock was going back to his evil ways but then he goes and help Cardiac for a worthy cause. I know all of his past evils cannot be forgiven but while he is in Peter’s body he is doing a good job trying to save the world.

The Bad

I don’t like how the Avengers conflict was blown up as a major issue in Superior but that wasn’t the case at all. It just felt like the Avengers conflict was a little blip in Otto’s otherwise perfect life. Luckily for Peter the Avengers are not the only ones suspicious about Spideys new attitude.


4 out of 5 – Dan Slott thank you for this Superior Marvel Series!


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