super_man_23's Superior Spider-Man #7 - Troubled Mind, Part One: Right-Hand Man review

Superior Spider-Man 7

Cardiac returns! Spider-Man confronts the Avengers and what secret does Parker's ghost have in store for the Superior Spider-Man?

The Good

Talk about memories. Dan Slott is really digging way back in Spider-Man's rogues gallery. The last I saw of Cardiac was in the 90s, I didn't even know if he existed in main continuity. Anyway, Dan Slott really heats things up in this issue. With the Avengers wanting to have a discussion with Spider-Man and Cardiac on a mission to save innocent lives, it'll be interesting to see how this all ends for those characters.

Ghost Parker in this series has been somewhat annoying. However, Dan Slott has dialed back how much he uses that character and focused more on the Superior Spider-Man. Which is good to see. Now that Slott has found a balance with ghost Parker and the Superior Spider-Man, I'm glad to see how he works ghost Parker's ability to now control some of the Superior Spider-Man's body.

I'm really looking forward to the fight between the Avengers and Spider-Man, also if the tracer that Spider-Man placed on Cardiac will lead the web slinger to his base and have a change heart, seeing all the good that Cardiac is doing.

The artwork by Humberto Ramos is still awesome. I've enjoyed all of his work so far and he really does a great job as the artist of Spider-Man.

The Bad

I had a problem with the first part of this issue. When ghost Parker was moving Ock-Parker's right hand, he wanted to hide what he was writing so he started talking to his right hand to knock off the book. However, the artwork showed he was knocking the book off with his left hand. That error seemed really obvious and could've been corrected, however it wasn't so I'm complaining about it.

Also, with ghost Parker being able to yell words that Ock hears and having little control over simple parts of his body, I'm starting to think if this is how Slott is going to bring Parker back. While I am a big fan of Parker Spider-Man, I also like how Dan Slott is writing these stories that have changed Spider-Man's character. Having Spider-Man comeback too soon will ruin the entire life and death of Peter Parker. However, if that is how it is going down, Slott better make it clear that, that is his intentions.

The Verdict

So far many fans of the Superior Spider-Man have had little things to complain about. However, Dan Slott needs to make his plans clear for bringing back the original Spider-Man or not. The artwork by Humberto Ramos is perfect and fits this series like a glove and the ending was much-anticipated. Overall 4 out of 5.

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