kristianmaru's Superior Spider-Man #7 - Troubled Mind, Part One: Right-Hand Man review

Showing True Colors.

Superior Spider-Man #7- This is really a start of great summer for spider fans.

In this issue "Cardiac" returns. A not-so-bad foe of the Amazing Spider-Man. Peter, knows Cardiac, but the Superior (Doc Ock) is the one who deals with him. So we can expect a different treatment, a "villain-y" treatment.

Next, for the our real hero Peter Parker. I think this issue will give Peter fans more hope for their hero to regain control of his own body. "Yells can be heard."

And for The Avengers, I love this group for noticing Spidey's actions are different than before. Looking forward for the beating Doc Ock will receive from the Avengers, (HAHA.) but they must not do it seriously so that Peter can have his body back at good condition.

Better to stay reading this series, 'cause things are getting more an more interesting. ;)

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Posted by Ganthetsward20

I really want Doc Ock to stay though :/ I get he's being mean-ish to villains but I think he can beat the crud out of a bad guy and get away with it and it be okay. He's not peter but he probably shouldn't be able to kill.

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