therobberbarron's Superior Spider-Man #7 - Troubled Mind, Part One: Right-Hand Man review

Spidey VS. Avengers Part 1

The moment is finally here in which the Avengers fire Spider-Man. A few months ago Marvel sent out a teaser picture of the very same cover with words fired over it. Clearly they were not trying to be subtle but now we actually get to see it play out.

For the last few weeks we have seen Doc Dock go from relatively tame to an absolute beast. At first his reign as Spider-Man looked to be a prosperous one but then he blinded vulture, killed massacre, beat the living hell out of Jester and Screwball and now almost viciously beat Cardiac. Obviously Doc Ock spidey has gone to the dark side and the Avengers have taken notice. What’s interesting is as Doc Ock gets darker Peter Parker seems to be taking back more control of his body. For the last 6 issues we watched as Peter sat back as a helpless apparition but now he is becoming stronger and Otto is starting to hear Peter’s cries.

While Peter taking back control is really important here I think the real scene stealer is the major confrontation between Superior Spider-Man and the Avengers. The Avengers can no longer sit back and watch an imposter play their once greatest ally. They know who ever is under that mask isn’t the Spider-Man they know and love and it’s time for the imposter to pay the price.

The Good

Peter Parker is finally gaining back some control over his body. I didn’t think Doc Ock’s reign would be this short but Dan Slott has been so good that I won’t doubt him now. What I loved about Peter being an apparition was especially evident in this issue because he was like this complete Troll that sat back and made hilarious commentary over everything Otto did. I especially loved it when he called the Doc a tool for calling himself SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN.

The way this issue ended was an instant classic and watching Spidey throw Cap across the room had me excited! Doc Ock must really think he can take down the Avengers which in every conceivable way he shouldn’t but don’t count him out. Call me crazy but I think Doc ends up winning the battle…the first one at least.

The Bad

I love Peter Parker as much as any other Spider-Man fan but I still feel that I would have rather just see Doc Ock be Spider-Man at least 6 months before even seeing Peter. Peter has been around since the first issue and now it looks like he is able to take control pieces of his body. How much longer until he fully regains his body? It doesn’t seem like there is much time left which is a disappointment to me. I just hope we get to see Superior Spider-Man play out for at least another 6 issues.

The Verdict

I am a huge fan of Superior Spider-Man and Dan Slott continues to bring the heat here in this issue. Besides my Peter Parker gripe this was another great issue and I give it a 4 out of 5

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