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Gone Too Far

After defining his stature as an aggresive and malevolent Spider-Man, Doc Ock goes head to head with a bunch of pranksters. Also, it's quite clear that the rest of the Marvel Universe, namely the Avengers, have noticed a change in Spidey. How far will Spidey have to go for the Avengers to take charge?

The Good

Without trying to sound like a Slott-fanboy, he's done an awesome job with the pacing for the last six issues. He's done a lot, and I mean lot in what 22 pages? He covers a bunch of villainous pranksters bothering Mayor Jameson, Octo-Spidey's personal life, a ghostly Peter Parker and the Avengers in one issue. He moves seamlessly from one storyline to next and it all comes to a head in an awfully tragic way. Seeing Slott's take on the Avengers has me looking forward to a possible move to the Avengers titles. He knows what makes all of these characters tick and the voices of Thor, Captain America and Wolverine are characteristic and accurate.

Humberto Ramos is back too! He's been one of my favorite Spider-Man artists for the last few years. Under his pencils, Spidey is slick, agile and with Doc Ock in the suit, he's formidable. Victor Olazaba on inks and Edgar Delgado's colors amplify the energy and emotion of Ramos' pencils, creating a beautiful comic book.

The Bad

I couldn't find too much wrong with this issue, all around it was great

Verdict - 5 out of 5

I'm glad Dan Slott's finally touched upon other heroes noticing the change in their beloved Spider-Man. This issue's been a definite concern and Slott's use of the Avengers justifies the gravity of this situation. The art team of Ramos, Olazaba and Delgado come through with gorgeous artwork, making Slott's script as great as it is. Spidey's gone too far and I'm excited to see where Slott goes with this.


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