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Superior? I Think So!

Superior Spider-man keeps blowing me away. I thought this was an amazing idea since they first announced it and haven't missed an issue. Easily my favorite Marvel NOW! comic. This was another strong issuethat continues building the new characters in the supporting cast for Spoctopus. we get a short conversation with Anna and Shnoz, which honestly does not amount to much do to crime fighting getting in the way. I think Anna is a great addition to the cast, Shnoz on the other hand is a straight up cartoon. I love Ramos art work but Shnoz needs that nose tuned down just a tad, it looks like a deadly weapon. I can't wait for the next spin off, the Spectacular Shnoz! There are a few minor gripes however. For one why is it WOLVERINE who says at the end that Spider-Pus has gone to far? Just because he roughed up a couple of nuisances? Logan has done SO MUCH WORSE OVER LESS! I liked him and Natasha backing him up in the opening but it feels like they are holding Spidey to a higher standard than basically any other avenger. Thor has killed, Logan has killed, Cap has killed (in WWII), Natasha was an assassin, Hulk has killed, even Tony has killed people. In this day and age there are very few heroes without blood on their hands in one way or another. Most do not execute people but their enemies have died in combat with them. As far as we know Jester and Screwball are alive, just sliced up a bit. Is it out of character for Spidey and cause to worry about him personally yeah, but not a "Bring him in" situation. Although maybe that is their plan, but it sounds more like they are going to treat him like a crook and take him down. We will see. This book gets more compelling every issue and I have NEVER been so glad for a bi-weekly book. Hopefully #6AU will explain why the main Age of Ultron books show Peter in terms of costume and personality. The little story blurbs for upcoming issues mention "Superior No More" Hopefully they aren't bringing Pete back and it is just going to be a further epiphany for Octo-Man. Let's see if next month the formerly tentacled terror can triumph over the toughest team of terrific titans or if the amazing avengers will deliver an astounding ass-kicking to our painfully proactive protaganist!

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