the_mighty_monarch's Superior Spider-Man #5 - Emotional Triggers review

Guns and Girls

Is Massacre supposed to be come kind of completely serious deconstruction of The Joker or something? His plan in this issue is more of a Joker kind of move, it's somewhat and weirdly elaborate, but cruel and deadly nonetheless; and of course it's all about spectacle and impact. But did Massacre care about those things? It seemed to me he was just someone who killed because he could. He never seemed like someone after fame or fortune, both of which he pursues in this issue.

And when push comes to shove, he's a guy with guns. He's taken down easily enough, and the predictable route happens. He begins to show the faintest sign of rehabilitation, but of course the SUPERIOR Spider-Man refuses to allow him the chance to fail to change. Or does he? It's actually somewhat vague, I'm not 100% sure whether Superior Spidey killed Massacre or not.

And then he unfortunately devolves further into clear cut anti-hero almost villain territory with his "MY SPIDER BOTS WILL WATCH YOU ALL AS I RULE YOU ALL!" I thought he was changing, this seems like he's becoming more of the old Ock, which even he decided he wanted to be no longer. But what really bothered me is the way he came after that executive. From what I saw, it was pretty clear she was forced to hire him to sabotage the competition. I mean, I won't say innocent, but it seemed likely. She had a very valid side to her story, and it shows a regression in Ock-Parker to go as hard on her as he did.

The main saving grace for this issue, besides Camuncoli's awesome artwork, is the beginning of Ock-Parker's own new supporting cast, beginning with Miss Anna Maria Marconi. And she's.... kind of adorable in the strangest way. I DESPERATELY hope she stays around a lot to become an important character.

In Conclusion: 3/5

This story just didn't work for me. It was quick, and had a lot of little holes. Plus so much of it was just generic, from the villain to the conclusion and the developments for Ock-Parker. But it did introduce Anna Marconi...


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