super_man_23's Superior Spider-Man #5 - Emotional Triggers review

Superior Spider-Man 5

This is it! Spider-Man vs. Massacre. Will the Superior Spider-Man stay true to his promise to uphold great responsibility? Or will he follow his own path?

The Good

Amazing issue! Dan Slott has really outdone himself with this fifth Superior Spider-Man issue. Spider-Man's morals are really put to the test in this issue, and Slott asks many [obvious] questions that have simple answers. Which is great. Ock might have promised Parker that he would use his powers to protect the innocent, but that doesn't mean he has to follow the morals of the first Spider-Man! Slott created a very action packed issue with having Spider-Man make a choice of a lifetime with this Massacre story.

When I said that it would be interesting to see Spider-Man actually kill Massacre, I almost laughed and thought "that could never happen!" However, Dan Slott created a great fight scene with Spider-Man and Massacre and the dialogue and thought process of Spider-Man on the situation was perfect. Being proven wrong was exciting and seeing Spider-Man actually pull the trigger to kill Massacre was a real jaw dropping moment. I was absolutely amazed that Slott would allow Spider-Man to kill a c-list villain like that, I can't wait to see how this backfires on Spider-Man.

The artwork by Giuseppe Camuncoli is still good. Camuncoli really pays attention to a great deal of detail in the design of the characters, and I appreciate his style of art for this story. The colors worked perfectly with his art style and helped convey Dan Slott's story with great passion. This is one of my new favorite issues of the Superior Spider-Man and the art team did a great job with Slott's story.

The Bad

I do not like how after all of this, Massacre was willing to (well) massacre a bunch of innocent civilians for money. It seemed like a dumb way to involve the corrupt business from last issue and create a small, but uninteresting, ending in this issue. Also, Green Goblin from the last issue was nowhere in this issue, so him appearing in the last issue's ending and then not appearing in this issue, does not make me look forward to the Green Goblin arc.

The Verdict

Superior Spider-Man kills Massacre! How will his peers respond in the wake of this decision? New York might love Spider-Man even more for doing what is necessary, but will Ock be able to live with himself. More than likely he will. Ock-Parker is becoming an even more interesting Spider-Man with every passing issue. Dan Slott might have a few problems with this series that needs to be solved, however he does keep things interesting for the reader. Thanks to the art team for paying attention to detail in the emotion of the death of Massacre. Overall 4 out of 5.

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