leadervladimir's Superior Spider-Man #5 - Emotional Triggers review

A Hero's Conflict

I admit that I didn't have any interest in Superior Spider-Man. In fact, I gave up on Marvel Comics for a while, but after reading the Superior Spider-Man series and watching the new Spider-Man movie, my interest was renewed. This is my first Marvel review! Enjoy!

The Good: The premise of Doc Ock in Spider-Man's body was weird, to say the least, but I grew used to it after a while. So far, it's a refreshing interpretation of the Spider-Man saga. As we all know, Ock is trying to be a better Spidey than Peter ever was. However, his journey has been taking him to dark, if not gray, places. He is a more pragmatic Spider-Man who cares about the big things. The original Spidey, for all his flaws, never stopped caring for the little things. In this issue, Spidey fights Massacre, who has escaped from prison and continues his wanton villainy. However, Spider-Ock is not going to put up with him, and you can bet things are going to be very interesting. The art is surprisingly good.

The Bad: Right now, I don't have any problems with the issue. It was great.

The Veredict: This is a very good issue and it does well in continuing Spidey's new story. If you haven't read it, you should now.

That's it. Good reading!


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