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Someone Dies

Peter Parker once vowed that under his watch, "No one dies". With a new Spidey in the suit and Massacre on the loose, Doc Ock just might break Parker's moral code to solve this problem.

The Good

Is that an iconic cover or what? I feel like down the line when Spidey goes back to his original status quo, this is the one image that will defines this new era for Spider-Man. Continuing on the Camuncoli praise, his art is looking mighty fine here. His characters are fully defined and his panel work is beyond fluid. Oh and his ability to capture the emotions of characters in this book is a tremendous compliment to Slott's writing.

Dan Slott. Dan Slott. Dan Slott. This man has hit gold. For a short two-issue arc, he's been able to really set the tone for this book. He's done quite a lot actually. It's dark and I'm completely fine with that. With Doc Ock as the new Spidey, it just opens up so many avenues for the variety of stories this guy can tell and it's clearly evident here.

The Bad

I know that Dan Slott created Massacre so it completely justifies the direction he put his creation in. But I wish we could have seen more of him. He's not a good villain because he kills everybody but he's a good villain because he provides a physical and moral challenge for Spider-Man. Villains like him are the reason why this issue was so good. Camuncoli's Spider-Man is still stocky and it slightly hinders the visual continuity of Spidey under Humberto Ramos and Ryan Stegman's pencils.

Verdict - 4 out of 5

See, you can't tell a story like this with Peter Parker. His morality is so strict that we know what to expect of him. Doctor Octopus on the other hand is a completely different case. Although he's posing as Spidey now, his moral ambiguity makes him such an unpredictable character. With a character so morally ambiguous, the choices Spidey makes from here on end are so much more compelling than they once were.


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