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I don't like unexpected Surprises


I debated with myself on whether it was worth it to make a review about this or not, but as a huge spider-man fan i felt obliged that i had to. First of, i'd like to Talk about Giuseppe Camuncoli's art, which mind you is amazing. I love the character designs, especially for spider-man's new suit. the action feels fluid and each page feels like a brilliant spectacle to behold, Yeah, it's that good. I like Massacres design as well, on the cover and in the comic book as well.

Now as for the plot. i've mentioned before that i am not a fan of how things went down, but since we are here, i won't be bias about this, in fact, i will provide what i really think of this book. I like how much more useful otto's equipment has become, as a wise( well to some degree) man, he saw that peter parker's life had been a cluster of chaos, and henceforth he decided to make better use of peters life. Now as stupid as that might sound, it's not, and it's one of the things that stands out in this issue.

Also, otto decides to get his degree back for being a doctor, so while peters life comes with some advantages, this was one thing otto was not particularly happy with. The fact that otto enrolled in some academy to gain his degree back might provide something much more interesting, i personally am intrigued.

Now as for the villain. I've enjoyed massacre as an antagonist in this particular issue/arc, i don't know it is about him, but i've always like villains who are devoid of humanity, and massacre doesn't seem to have only small shreds of what a real human should be. He is by all means a good villain.

But this is where the problem comes in. There are many factors playing int the book which makes it hard to follow through , and even though Ock and Massacre are shown to be doing their own thing, we get too see someone appear out of nowhere with no explanation whatsoever. The green Goblin appears on the last panel and it does not make any sense why he is here. as i recall Osborn Escaped, but he had different agendas going for him, and now he is suddenly the green goblin again? NO, Just...NO. I hate when things happen without any reason, though i will hesitate so say anything any further since all this might be explained.

Also it seems that these issues seem to have some repetitive style in telling the story, Ock Does something cool with his tech, the villain has his own Plans, ock gets angry and beats them up! so i really hope they manage to get passed that, because it's beginning to look like some sort of cycle.


Posted by broo1232

Great review again :)

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