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Senseless Massacre

One of Dan Slott's creations, the supervillian Massacre, makes one heck of a return. Peter Parker let Massacre off pretty easily (back in Amazing Spider-Man), despite everything the villain had done. With a new Spidey under the mask, how will Doc Ock deal with Massacre's comeback?

The Good

Is it just me or is this new Spider-Man really something to behold? I've given praise for Dan Slott time and time again for his reinvention of everyone's favorite superhero and this issue continues to show off Slott's ingenuity. Doctor Octopus is hilarious. He's blunt, crass and genuinely believes that he's better than everybody; the complete opposite of Peter Parker. And you know what? That's fine. If having an obnoxious mad scientist as the protagonist paves the way for amazing stories, then so be it. Oh and Massacre's return is devastating. It once again shows off Slott's writing because he puts us through some dark, dark stuff with Massacre while being able to tell a fairly kooky story with Spider-Man.

You also can't forget about Giuseppe Camuncoli. He's been a favorite of mine since Daken: Dark Wolverine and it's good to see he's grown as an artist. Not only is he working on a successful Spider-Man book but his art looks so much more fleshed out. His character are full of detail and raw emotion so it's perfect for an issue like this.

The Bad

Although Camuncoli's work is fantastic here, his Spider-Man is quite stocky. His Spider-Man isn't bad but it's jarring when you go from Stegman's slim and kinetic take to Camuncoli's more muscular version.

Verdict - 4 out of 5

When Dan Slott told everyone that this book was gonna be dark and offbeat, this issue is the perfect example for that. Superior Spidey is all about being better than Peter Parker and early in the issue, it's entertaining to see the lengths he'd go through to do so. Massacre's comeback is a whole 'nother beast. It's chilling to see how far Dan Slott will go to establish Massacre as a legitimate threat to Spider-Man. Camuncoli's art shines with the rest of the art team and although it's great, if you've read the last 3 issues, it's not very much like Stegman's take on Spidey. Dock Ock's great and Massacre's not the only one to make a return so you better pick this up!


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