necroziel's Superior Spider-Man #30 - Goblin Nation Part 4 of 5 review

As we reach the Penultimate issue, Otto makes a huge decision.

This review contains Spoilers


Truly great work can makes you feel something. Well the hard work of Slott and Camuncoli really pay off here. The emotions I felt when reading this book were incredible. My heart pounded with excitement, I felt sympathy for a character I previously hated and finally I was left with a feeling on melancholy contentment that I really hadn’t expected. This issue was incredible!

Slott shows in this issue how “The Superior Spider-Man” has failed. How the life he intended to build has completely collapsed, and unfortunately, how undeserving of the Spider-Man mantle Otto truly was. Otto’s inaction and arrogance have nearly cost him the city and even worse without Parkers help he would have fumbled when he needed to be on top of his game. Slott’s taken Otto to new highs in this series but now we see him broken and beaten and he truly recognises who’s the superior Spider-Man.

One of the most pleasant surprises in this book was the return of Peter Parker. While many predicted that this is the way in which Pete returned Slott managed to twit it in just such a way that I was left smiling. Pete finally realises that being Spider-Man isn’t always a chore that it can be fun and exciting. It was really pleasant moment that had me smiling. The exchange between Ghost Pete and Otto was also a nice surprise. It was also nice to hear Otto explain to Pete, how he needs to stop doubting himself, it really helped sell the difficult choice that Otto was making.

When I first read the book I didn’t like how Pete returned. Otto simply surrendering the body seemed odd and rushed, considering the way Otto’s been characterised these last few issues. But after rereading the issue it clicked. Otto was able to delete Pete in #9 because he capitalised on Peter’s unwillingness to save a little girl. Well here the situations reversed and Pete makes the right decision about the same little girl, while Otto’s left questioning his choices. That’s why he comes to his realisation that he can’t be Spider-Man anymore. It’s perfect symmetry and shows quit how skilled Dan Slott is in his craft. The final moments as Otto removes himself are heartbreaking, and I was genuinely shocked at how much sympathy I had for Ock.

Camuncoli’s work is incredible; the last few pages were breathtaking. I particularly liked Peter realising who he truly is in the mindscape. But by far the best page of this book is the final page, where we see the return of something that we haven’t seen in some time.


Otto’s decision in this issue denies us an epic battle between the Goblin and Ock. I understand why it was done, and I appreciate why Slott chose to take it this way. However I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little disappointed that Otto didn’t get a bit of a win over the Goblin. Another minor problem was the pacing of the book, Slott’s prone to splurging in his books and this issue felt very cramped. If there was more space Otto’ decision might have felt more natural.


Dare I say that this book was Amazing? I certainly hope not, because it truly was. I’m excited for the next issue and I’m sure that Pete won’t let Otto down.

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