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the test

Plot analysis/review:

Doc Ock has been having it a little to easy, and he is highly enjoying his new life ever since he has claimed the boon of his lifelong quest. On the other hand, this issue puts forth a challenge before Doc Ock that can ruin his secret identity and his morals. This issue offers a test to spider-man, and it starts of with the idea of a test. When J.Jonah Jameson make a spider-signal(what a rip off from batman). Spider-man destroys the signal with a strong certainty that he passed some test, and Jameson actually appreciates spidey for destroying the signal once he realized how stupid it was. The next test in the story line is a conflict between ock and vulture. Ock didn't want to fight him at first but change the vulture's life instead by offering him a second chance at it. This all changes when ock notices that vulture uses little kids as his minions to fight against spidey. Doc Ock feels guilty for punching a child minion because he too once was abused. This offered great detail into Ock's past. It showed that he did have a tough life in his original life. It makes the reader to want to be empathetic for him. Doc Ock then gets vengeance on the vulture for making him punch a kid. The resolution of this conflict was jaw-dropping, and it turned Ock's world upside down because Carlie starts to get her own little spider-senses ringing about this new spider-man. The main problem is why didn't M.J. notice anything?!


The colors were perfect every panel.


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