daemonthedemon's Superior Spider-Man #3 - Everything You Know is Wrong review

Well I got nothing to say

Except for the fact that this issue is a big step up from that abomination last issue.

Also how on earth does carlie know the something's wrong with peter and not Mj?

Could this be that Carlie is the one for peter since she might save him?

Even though I hate dan slott this issue was not bad so if you're a fan of SUPERIOR spidey read this if you're not

then burn this issue or drain it down the toilet.

Anyway read this issue and remember to keep your rage in spidey fans and when the time is right when dan slott makes the worst move for spidey that's even worse then 700...get up and and attack with all your spidey fan might.

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Posted by Timandm

Regarding your question about how can Carlie know something is wrong with Peter when MJ doesn't...

1: Carlie has a reason to suspect. Peter, in the body of Doc Ock, told Carlie what had happened. Even if she didn't completely believe him then, some part of her has been suspicious and she is therefore LOOKING for it...

2: M.J. is completely and totally in love with Peter... Love makes us blind to many things...

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