spideybigtime's Superior Spider-Man #20 - Spidey Still Standing review

The Biggest Spider-Man Comic Book Ever?

Over the past few months,Dan Slott has teased that this issue was a must-have issue for any spider-fan,an issue that would change the MCU(or at least Spock's part of it) forever!Was it really worth all fo the hype and wait?Is it the biggest Spider-event of the year?Let's find out...(SPOILERS FOLLOW!)

The Good:

Ever since I first saw the solicitation for this issue i've been dying to read it.This issue was made out to be the game-changing issue for Spock and it had me wondering.Would this be the beginning of Spock's downfall?Would Peter return?Would Carlie reveal her findings to the world?All of these questions and more are answered in this issue but in my honest opinion,this issue was overhyped.We get to see the foundation laid down for Spock starting his own company,Parker Industries. as well as his and Anna Maria's relationship moving forward.These are cool things to see but compared to the life-changing events we were promised they aren't exactly huge.Black Cat was shown to be a major part of this issue and yet she's only in the issue for a few pages and in those few pages she gets her face punched in by Spock not as the romantic cover would have led you to believe.We also get to see Spock finally present his "hard-worked on" thesis which is outed by Lamaze to be stolen research which I find to be a poor as well as dumb move on Spock's part.I thought he was smarter than that.Again and again Spock has claimed that he is superior but recent events and developments happening right under his nose are starting to show that maybe he isn't.The biggest development of this issue though is Carlie,having figured out the truth behind Spock,getting ready to out it to the superhero community.This could've carried a lot more of an impact if it had actually gone somewhere instead of Carlie just calling up MJ and telling her to stay away from Peter instead of actually saying what was happening.Even though we're led to believe that this event will be crucial to Spock's downfall, in my opinion I don't think it will be and that a few dumb plot events will lead to either Carlie dying during Goblin Nation,losing her evidence,or losing her memory and MJ's message being deleted.In my opinion this is what will most likely happen with this but who knows?Maybe Slott will surprise me.One last note.The flashback scene at the beginning which has Madame Web's new prophecy and a mysterious patient waking up was cool but didn't really go anywhere.I thought that this patient who woke up at the same time that Peter died was Peter in another body but it just turned out to be the villain for next issue,Stunner which was sort of a disappointment to me since i'm curious to see how Peter is brought back and how Spock will fall.

The Bad:

Surprisingly, the biggest development of the issue also carried the only bad part of the issue.Yuri Watanabe,Carlie's partner throughout this case,decides to just leave the case,now that she considers the case done and heading towards its victorious course which I think is a little bit of a dumb move considering i'm sure that Watanabe would want to make sure that Spock was brought to justice.

The Verdict:

Overall,this issue was an overhyped one but it still manages to be capable of delivering a good plot and moving more and more of Slott's interesting and intriguing plot threads into place.While some of the plot didn't make a whole lot of sense and was a small disappointment, the issue was still a good one and I hope that Slott continues to write issues like those of #19.

"I won't forget this,Spider.Ever.

5/5 Stars!!!

Is this really just a coincidence?

Pick it up for a not so universe-shattering but still good Spider-Man story!!!

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