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Superior Spider-Man 2

There maybe a new Spider-Man in town trying to live up to the old one's expectations, but that does not mean the new Spider-Man doesn't get to live a little.

The Good


Writer Dan Slott has really done a number on this Spider-Man series. Spider-Man's a know-it-all jerk in this series and Slott uses that personality to create humor and show how Ock is really different from Parker. Reading Dan Slott's interpretation of the SUPERIOR Spider-Man is like relearning everything about the character, but in a new and interesting twist kind of way.

Dan Slott, in a way, is building the character from the ground up. Last issue focused more on Spider-Man then Peter Parker, however in this issue it focuses on Peter Parker trying to woo Mary Jane [once more]. Which is good. Slott really balances this series out with the developing of both Parker and Spider-Man as the two characters share the same persona, but have totally different lives. One thing between both characters is consistent though; they are both jerks! Dan Slott changing Spider-Man/Peter Parker's personality is a great add to the series and it brings new development to the character. An example of Parker's new mentality is Ock remembering many of Parker and Mary Jane's, um, encounters.

The secret to Dan Slott's success with this series is constantly reminding the reader that Spider-Man will always be the same hero, but with the twist that Ock is in control of the body. The series continues to improve with the possible revelation of Carlie knowing that Ock is in control of Parker's body, ultimately for a big confrontation between Ock and Carlie. This is an amazing series that has few errors [and horrors], but ultimately makes the reader come for more [the ending is proof of that]!

What about the art? The art is always fantastic! Ryan Stegman's artwork and Edgar Delgado's colors work perfectly for this series. There is not much to say about the art, it's just so EPIC!

The Bad

The Verdict

No Complaints.

BUY THIS SERIES! It will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even verbally say some really bad things about Ock. The creative team behind this series continue to impress me with their story and it is always a joy to pickup this title every month.

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Posted by djotaku

the image you put at the end is priceless. I was cracking up when I read that part. I'm very curious to see how Dan proceeds with this trio

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

@djotaku said:

the image you put at the end is priceless. I was cracking up when I read that part. I'm very curious to see how Dan proceeds with this trio

Lol, thanks. I too am interested at seeing what Dan Slott will do with the books main characters. I'm hoping that Scarlet Spider will appear in this book but will know that Doc Ock is in control of Peter's body.

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