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This Issue Is Crazy Banana Pants!

When i picked up the first issue, i really liked it, i am serious, i gave it a decent, NO in fact i gave it a very good score, but Holy hell the second issue was much much worse. however, we'll explore that later. The good side of this story would be the fact that peter parker is alive, or he is a ghost now, meaning that this shouts out " OCK IS STILL THE VILLAIN",meaning that this all a means to an end. I like how peter/or ock uses his intelligence much more efficiently, in fact, otto comes up with ways to keep his spider-man life away from peter parker in a why that would still provide patrol.

Stegmans art is amazing , i LOVED it, each page was a delight to go through ( the art not the story).

Ok, this issue, was bad. i mean really bad. it's not the fact that ock is in peters body, it's mot the fact that peter is a ghost now, No, it's about the fact that the whole issue is dedicated to how a perverted old man wants to rape a read head. DO.YOU.SEE.WHAT.IS.WRONG.WITH.THIS.PICTURE!?

and No, i am not joking, this is the main idea of the whole issue, but this is what slott wanted to show us. And further more, Dock " touching himself" would mean that he is touching peter, Jesus christ , does this show you what's so creepy about this issue? not to mention the fact that ock access peters memories of being with MJ.....yes dock ock dreams about Having *cough* Special * cough* time with peters Soul mate.

Somewhere in the issue Dock also has a change of heart where is Mathematically( yes this is what happens ) figures out that this relationship would not work, even though he tried to seduce here through the whole issue. ( but to be fair he did say that peters feeling towards her flourished withing him)

I Understand that this title was forced on MJ and Spider-man, but it would have been nice to have a decent threat here and there. the vultures came for like a second and were forgotten in 10 minutes.

Another problem would be tha fact that peter is complaining panel after panel , and while this is understandable,i mean who wouln't complain when someone was inhabiting your body whule trying to seduce someone you love? but it still gets annoying after some time, it's logical but it was also taken too far.

i would say to skip this issue, not the series since it'll be temporary no doubt, but this issue was very disappointing.

Recommendation: NEIN!

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