haydenclaireheroes's Superior Spider-Man #19 - 1.21 Giga-Whats?! review

Does Carlie Finally Figure it out?

Here is my video review for Superior Spider-man issue 19. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below. Here is the link for my video review:


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    Gotta get back in time....or not. 0

    My review for, Superior Spider-Man #18. The epic conclusion of the Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099's confrontation! However, as one door closes, another opens! (Translastion, "This is only the beginning!")From Superior to Inferior. The GoodTrying to change the future!In this issue, both the Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099, try to finish what they had started! Superior tries to stop Horizon from blowing itself up because of a, "Time bomb"; and 2099 tries to prevent himself from ce...

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    What's On the Horizon 0

    As we come to a close to this chapter, Slott seems to finally make this story arch pay off nicely with some huge game-changing events that makes you feel the repercussions of what's to come immediately. And, luckily, this issue doesn't try to bite off more than it can chew, staying relatively focused on the events at hand, particularly Otto. Spidey '99 takes a significant back seat, which is nice, in my opinion. And we see a little more from some of the side characters that have been neglected ...

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