xkoenig's Superior Spider-Man #19 - 1.21 Giga-Whats?! review

Ahhh! Love it!

Well, this series has been through ups and downs, slow moments and tough-to-deal with moments. But after this issue I think I'm seeing where Dan Slott is taking us. Did we ever think he wasn't going this way? The amazing thing about this story is that Dan has taken the time to let the story breathe. Instead of Ock being Spidey for a few issues, or a few months, he's let this play out and really develop, taking in all of Peter Parker/Spider-Man's world. And it's really for the better. When people look back on this whenever it's done, they will see how Slott merged his canny use of back story and continuity and expert involvement of supporting cast to truly show how the path of Dr Otto as Spider-Man would play out. The use of Spider-Man 2099 - super fun and super cool IMO. All I can say is, I just hope that Peter doesn't show up at the bottom of the ocean in a life-support pod in some goofy way like when Superman died. Oh, and Ryan Stegman puts in another quality arc of artwork. YES!


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