granitesoldier's Superior Spider-Man #17 - Let's Do the Time Warp Again review

Which Spider is Superior? Round 2

Superior Spider-Man is on a roll. The series started out rocky, with obvious hate, and Ock had yet to be truly challenged with a solid Spidey villain. Then along came the Hobgoblin and Kaine, the Scarlet Spider. While Ock handled Urich rather deviously, Kaine proved that Ock is, indeed, not superior.

Now comes Ock's next spider-test: Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man 2099. I did not read the 2099 universe in the 90s, but I do know about Miguel's following and story, so I am rather excited for this.

This issue starts 80 some years in the future, in Miguel's time. He is still taking the fight to Tyler Stone, but has found some oddities in Stone's corporate headquarters. Namely: dinosaurs, WWII bi-planes, and other such oddities. Stone seems to be fading from existence, and lucky for future technology, they are able to identify why: the current age ("Heroic Age" as they refer to it) broke time. Remember Age of Ultron? Well, it's effects are being felt in this book now as well. As a side note to all of this: I like that the Ultron event is having some wide-felt repercussions, and isn't being swept aside. So, to save the future, Miguel must travel to the past.

We cut back to the current time. Horizon is having a company softball game, and it is an amusing little scene. You really grasp how little Ock understands Peter's life. He talks about how he was a "nerd" as a child, but how Peter Parker is the perfect physical specimen. Ironic, as Peter's childhood was very similar to Ock's in it's "nerdness". The game is interrupted by federal agents, who take Max Modell away in handcuffs. Apparently, things have not been going well for Max and Ock, ignoring the people around him, paid no attention to these things. The culprit is not hard to determine if you've been keeping up with "Superior", but even if you haven't Dan Slott reveals who it is.

Ock discovers this, and sets out to rectify it as Spider-Man, in typical Ock-Spidey fashion (translation: I will kill him). This issue closes with Ock confronting Max's framer, and Miguel appearing in our time to stop him.

Ryan Stegman's art is still great for this book. I've said it in just about every Spider-Man review, but it is. I never get tired of it, and I love the way Miguel looks. Perhaps it's just because he hasn't been around in a good long while, but he looks great.

The only bad things I have to say are really not that bad. First, there's the way Miguel talks. Again, I never read 2099, but apparently they talk like a TV version of an R-rated movie. "Shocking", "jam it", are all substituted for actual curse words. Not that I think there should be swearing in a Spidey title, but it got irritating quickly for me. But it's so minor, it did not take away from the book for me.

This is certainly going to be another great chapter in Superior. Dan Slott is giving his fans pretty much what they've wanted to see lately. Want to see Superior and Kaine go at it? Done. Ock and Miguel? There you go. I can't wait to see how this pans out, and the conflict established between Miguel and Ock is both interesting and makes you wonder if they will be teaming up at all. Oh, and let us not forget, we still having the Green Goblin waiting in the rafters, and Flash Thompson is scheduled to confront Ock as Venom. Ock certainly has a gauntlet ahead of him, and it will put his claim of "superior" to the test. If you have been looking to jump into this book, issue 17 is a great jumping on point.

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