sifighter's Superior Spider-Man #15 - Run, Goblin, Run! Part 1 of 2: The Tinkerer's Apprentice review

Poor Hobgoblin, Superior Spiderman 15 review.

Man, Phil Urich can not catch a break in this series. First he has to pay everyone off to be hobgoblin, then last issue he lost his job with kingpin. This isdue spiderman hunts him down and ruins his life. I am not going to say anything beyond that, but this guys life is going to be a little difficult. However the main character, SPock ireally doing a great job ring a hero while acting like a villain. Ex: calling his soldiers minions, his own island, hacking tv. This issue also starts to show that maybe he's not that good at being Peter Parker. He even wonders if he should just be spiderman full time. We also get more of Carlie trying to get evidence to prove otto is spiderman, and now she has help from an old friend, who knows how long until she finds proof.This series as always is pretty great, I can't wait for the next issue.

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