tdk_1997's Superior Spider-Man #13 - No Escape Part Three: The Slayers & The Slain review

Same old Slott

Smythe vs. SpOck in this issue and Slott continues to do what only he,I belive,likes and just writes what he feels like is interesting.The book lost me long time ago but I just keep buying it because I still have some hope that sometime later on Peter Parker will come back and it will be in this book.I started hating Slott because he is a douche and this book just keeps proving to me and all other Spider-Man fans that he just screws with the character and ruing everything about him.

In this issue SpOck actually continues with the killing of villains and he kills SMythe.Even though a couple of times he said that he has had a change of heart he continues his villainous work and people who have known Spider-Man for years don't suspect anything but Carlie already figured out something was wrong.This is just atrocious.How can people like MJ,Jameson and Spidey's villains still haven't figured out that that isn't the real Spider-Man and somebody is in his body or somebody else is behind that mask.Things don't make sense but there are people that believe that this is way more interesting than for us to see Peter back and they want more.Slott should just get off the book and never lay a finger on Spider-Man's character ever again.

The other thing that really bugged me in the issue was the fact that Smythe had the same idea as Otto.He wanted in this issue to transfer his mind in Spider-Man's body.That would have been better if it had happened earlier but it would still be bad enough for the character.And also it seems like Slott can't think of anything original and is just redoing that but thank god that that didn't happen because then we would have seen two villains in Spider-Man's body but still not trace of Peter.

At least one thing was good in this issue and it was Camuncoli's pencils.I really like how artists change with stories but even though that I think that Stegman is the best of the three I like Camuncoli also.Ramos is my least favorite but he deserves respect also.All three of them have great style of drawing and Camuncoli just has some amazing designs.


Rate: 1/5

Posted by TheAcidSkull

Finely, an honest superior review.

Good job, man.

Edited by TDK_1997

Finely, an honest superior review.

Good job, man.

Thank you! For all this time I refused to do a review an issue of this book but this time I said What the heck and just did it.

Posted by frogdog

As I said in the other thread

So SpOck kills another villain, doesn't get any repercussions for his reckless behavior, blackmails the mayor in order to get fund for a private army.

This is basically Spider-man for philistines.

Edited by Opunaya

Glad to see someone else isn't blinded that "Superior" isn't anything but a pathetic fanfic by Slott.

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