super_man_23's Superior Spider-Man #10 - Independence Day review

Superior Spider-Man 10

A dawn of a new age and the return of an old enemy!

The Good

Returning from the events of the Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Superior Spider-Man, Dan Slott is ready to start a new superior era. Ock-Parker is no longer being influenced by his predecessor and can live the life he chooses. Whether this will be a good or bad thing for Spider-Man fans has not yet been seen.

One thing that was foreseeable was the relationship between Anna and Peter. I knew that from the first time they met, Slott would somehow work that relationship in. It is great to see how this relationship turns out if Anna will be the next subject to another Parker girlfriend death or become one of the many ex-girlfriends that know his identity.

Dan Slott does a great job with this issue because he works on Parker's love life, Carlie Cooper deducing the identity of Ock in Parker's body, and the Green Goblin's secret army. Slott has built up a lot of anticipation around the fact that Ock-Parker is living a good and free life. However, with having so much success as of late, it is only a matter of time that Parker's entire world crashes around him. I believe this is the direction that Dan Slott might go with eventual issues to come.

The artwork by Ryan Stegman is always enjoyable to look at. His art works perfectly for this series as it just fits the action packed and intense nature of this series.

The Bad

After the events of last issue, it would've been nice if Dan Slott just focused more on Green Goblin building his underground army, instead of Superior Spider-Man's day-to-day life. If the Green Goblin was the main character of this issue it would've built anticipation to see what has transpired in Superior Spider-Man's life while Goblin was building an army. Ultimately, building anticipation for the confrontation between the two characters. However, that is not how this issue turned out.

The Verdict

A new era beings here! With the Superior Spider-Man free from the influence of the Amazing Spider-Man, how much more change will Ock bring to Spider-Man's mantle? Green Goblin is working on his own army to destroy Spider-Man and it looks like the sky is the limit for the superior web slinger. Overall 3 out of 5.

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