saoakden's Superior Spider-Man #1 - Hero or Menace? review

The Beginning of a new era for Spidey

As everyone knows, Spidey has gone through some big changes after Amazing Spider-Man 700. This is shows the beginning of Superior Spider-Man's career. I won't spoil to much, but the main story is about the Superior Spider-Man going up against a new Sinister Six.

The story was interesting. This issue and the series is going to be showing a different take on Spider-Man. This Spidey will be a lot more serious, so you won't be seeing him make a lot of jokes. He'll only make one joke, but other than that you see Spidey making somewhat funny or stupid jokes. The art was good in this issue as well. Stegman did an awesome job with this issue. I also liked some of the variant covers that this issue has. The cool thing is in the book, it will show all the variant covers. & the covers look awesome. The baby variant made me laugh.

There are only two things I don't like about the book. 1. I'm still getting use to who Superior Spider-Man is. 2. Superior Spider-Man and Mary Jane going out bugs me too. If it was Peter, I'd be fine but since it's not, its kinda weird.

Overall, I did enjoy this issue. I did have some very mixed feelings about who Superior Spider-Man is, but I'm willing to give this book a chance. I'm interested to see what Dan Slott has planned for Superior Spider-man. I recommend everyone at least give it a chance & read the first issue. If you like it great, if you don't that's fine too.


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