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Composed mostly of petty, self-obsessed jerks, the Superhomeys are the true bane of Empowered's existence. 

While they are presumably the most powerful and well known superteam in Empowered (though there is mention of a group known as the California Crusaders), the Superhomeys consider their public image more important than actually stopping criminals. On one occasion, the Superhomeys decided to send Empowered out alone to stop a villain who was trying to blow up the city because they were all busy watching a reality show. 

More than once, Empowered has had to save the Superhomeys, usually because they didn't think a situation through and relied on their brute force, as is often the case with the team's erstaz-Superman, Major Havoc. One such instance is the recent attack on the undisclosed location where in the team and the rest of the superhuman community were holding the annual Caped Justice Awards (or 'Capeys' for short), in which Empowered was the only member of the team who's powers were functioning, and managed to seek out and incapacitate the culprit, dWARF (who was in reality, a disgruntled victim of the 'Homeys' petty taunts, a biomorph by the name of Flesh Master). Again, however, the 'Homeys' have not disclosed any of this information to the public, for fear it damage their image, and have placed a figurative 'gag clause' on Empowered, forbidding her from saying anything about the incident before further investigation is done.

Most of the Superhomeys also take pleasure in tormenting Empowered (Sistah Spooky in particular), even more harshly than any criminal does. However, this is not to say that they are all outright spiteful towards her. Captain Rivet, for example, actually has his moments where he steps in as a mentor and attempts to nurture her talents as a hero. Another hero, a terrakinetic named Syndablock, even takes the time to help try and boost Empowered's morale on one occasion. More recently, Empowered has found a friend in the team's reclusive telepathic coordinator, Mindf**k, who has done her best to keep her spirits high and help her understand the motivation behind Sistah Spooky's taunts and mean-spirited behavior towards her.

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