what about Linda Davis?

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She was the second most popular supergirl ever, so why did they get rid of her and how has nobody in dc universe notice her disappearance. the last that was seen of her was in hell it wasn't explain how she got there and the writers made her fly away instead of getting out. my bad its Linda Danvers.

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i like kara zor-el or power girl there my favs.

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Kara In-Ze from the DCAU is one of my favourites.

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You mean reign in hell. forget that story exists. What a terrible story and bad way to end her arc. Before she was written off she left a note and took Kara Zor el's place on crisis on infinite earths but ended up living a long fulfilling life. By the way Kara in ze from the dcau is my favourite too!

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I'm not a fan of her.

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I liked her character a lot, but I guess no one noticed her disappearance for the New 52 because she has been gone for so many years already

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