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ok, i'm just storing this here for now untill i get my first bit approved...

if anyone spots any glaring errors can you please point them out to me and i will recheck my scources.


Supergirl Bio

Name : Supergirl

Supergirl has been introduced several times, and with different back stories each time. To split this up I am going to focus on each Supergirl Individually and list their Alias, family and other details.

Starting in Chronological order.

Supergirl #1

First appearance: Action Comics #252

Alias: Linda Lee / Linda Danvers

Occupation / Secret Identity: University student, Theatre / Drama studies.


When Krypton exploded a large chunk of the planet was hurled away from the planet, shielded from the explosion and space under a dome. There were several hundred survivors of Krypton, one of these was names Zor-El, Jor-El’s brother.

Unfortunately due to the explosion that destroyed krypton, the large chunk of the planet they were living on was slowly turning into Kryptonite. With help from fellow scientists, Zor-El constructed sheets of lead to cover the ground until such time as they could evacuate the planet.

Several years passed while the survivors and descendants of Krypton lived in peace, life settled down for them. The survivors moved on with their lives, becoming scientists, explorers, but none actually left the city or its protective dome. Some years later Zor-El fell in love, he married and eventually had a child, Kara. When Kara was in her early teens disaster struck again.

A meteor shower bombarded the survivors of krypton, destroying the dome and puncturing the lead shielding that was protecting them from Kryptonite poisoning.

Desperately Zor-El raced against time to construct a rocket in his lab, a rocket to send his only daughter to safety. While Zor-el worked on the rocket his wife started looking for a suitable planet to send young Kara to. Eventually they found a planet where there was a man with amazing powers, Superman. Using their Super-Space Telescope and Space Radio they learned about superman’s history and that he was a survivor of Krypton as well.

Deciding they had found a safe place to send their daughter, Zor-El finished the rocket while his Wife made a copy of Superman’s suit out of their native ‘indestructible Super-Cloth’.

Barely in time Kara was placed in the rocket and launched towards earth, her mother and father, her entire race now dead, aside from Kal-El, Superman.

Arriving on Earth, Kara told her tale to Superman who explained to her that he was launched into space by his father too; Jor-El. Hearing the name Kara announced that her father was Zor-El, Jor-El’s brother. Superman announced them cousins and promised to take care of her like a big brother.

Kara immediately asked if she could come and live with him, a problem for superman as he had adapted a secret identity of earth, one Supergirl might jeopardise, even unintentionally. Testing her powers for the first time Superman and the newly christened Supergirl, The Girl of steel flew to a local town, Midvale, where they located a local orphanage.

Superman then told her that she needed to practice before using her super-powers properly, for the meantime the orphanage would be her home.

Kara adopted the secret identity of Linda Lee (Superman immediately picked up on the initials, musing if it was by sheer coincidence she picked the same initials as Lana Lang and Lois Lane), taking her into the orphanage office Superman explained a cover story to them about a ‘big disaster that wiped out her whole community’, the truth but changing the details slightly so the head-master would think that he meant a earthquake or tornado destroyed her home.

Agreeing to keep her presence on earth a secret for the time, Kara lived as an ordinary girl in the Midvale orphanage.

When night fell Kara quickly changed into Supergirl, removing her brown wig and clothing. Remembering that she promised Superman that no one would ever see her until he decided it was time for her to come out of hiding she mused that by only flying at night no one would ever see her in the dark, so that way she wasn’t disobeying him.

At the end of the first issue, Kara is seen flying over Midvale doing a ‘Secret Patrol’ when she found a movie theatre showing ‘The History of Superboy in Smallville’. After watching the movie Kara wondered to herself “Will I do as good a job in Midvale, as Supergirl? What will the future bring for me?”

During Supergirl’s first run she operated in secret, often using her powers to help others without them knowing about her. Such as creating a tunnel through the earth from Midvale to Italy to help a couple earn enough money so they could adopt one of her friends from the orphanage.


Kara developed several powers over the years aside from her ‘normal’ ones. During the first issue she showed the power of Flight, Heat Vision, X-Ray vision and Super Strength, and invulnerability. In the following issues she also showed powers such as Super Breath, Super-Memory recall and the ability to vibrate herself across the time-barrier.

End of the Road...

During this run Kara changed her secret identity from Linda Lee to Linda Danvers; she also left the orphanage to go to Stanhope College where she studied Astrology.

Kara’s first outing came to an end in Action Comics #376 when she fought alien invaders in the issue titled “The Hated Girl of Steel.” In this issue the world greatest scientists are kidnapped by aliens calling themselves ‘The Rancors’ and Supergirl is blamed for blinding a teacher at Stanhope University. Rescuing the scientists Supergirl cleared her name and returned to Stanhope.


Supergirl’s uniform during her first run was very simple, a one piece uniform consisting of a full sleeved top the same as Superman’s, a short blue shirt, red boots and a red cape. This was the outfit her mother made for her in her origin and it was kept faithfully through the entire run.

More Supergirl knowledge to come when I move on to Supergirl #2 where Supergirl actually got her own comic for the first time in November 1971.


Supergirl #2

First appearance: Supergirl, November 1972.

Alias: Linda Danvers

Occupation / Secret Identity: University student, Theatre / Drama studies.

This Supergirl continues off where the old one finished, there are no discernable changes to her history, during this run she becomes the guardian of the bottle city of Kandor. Even though this run only lasted for 10 issues it defined Supergirl as a character.

While she didn’t have many opponents in the shape of supervillians and such, this run lent more towards establishing Supergirl as a more human character. Allowing her to have a love life and meet the rest of the Justice Society.

During this run though, Supergirl suffered from many strange changes to her body, such as her hair turning into snakes that turned people to stone and her boyfriend at the time gaining temporary superpowers from a Brain-Cell transplant. She also met the amazons on Paradise Island and was christened an Amazon princess by Hyppolyta, she also fought alongside Zatana in several issue and the justice society.

Supergirl’s uniform changed drastically for this run, perhaps to show the passage of time between the first run and this one she was aged several years to be in her mid twenties. The uniform now consisted of red hot pants with a blue low cut blouse, the ‘S’ symbol was moved from her chest to above her left breast and she wore a red chocker necklace with red slipper type shoes.

While this was a short run (Nov 1972 to Sept 1973) it defined Supergirl as a character, next I’ll be taking a closer look at the 3rd Supergirl run in November 1982 when Supergirl shared a comic with ‘Masters of the Universe’

More to come soon.


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cool thanks :)

i'm going to go over each supergirl seperately as most of them have differnet back stories and powers, thought it would be easier this way that to just generalise my favorite character :)


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Yep looks accurate so far from what I've known.

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I'm skipping ahead here to supergirl #4, I still need to get some of my older Supergirl comics out of the attic to check some details for Supergirl #3...

Again, if anyone spots any errors please let me know and I'll double check them :)


Supergirl #4

First appearance: Supergirl, November 1972.

Alias: Lana Lang, Mae, Matrix

Occupation / Secret Identity: University student, Theatre / Drama studies.


This version of Supergirl was introduced in Superman comic’s issue 21, September 1988.

This Supergirl came from a pocket universe and was given her powers by Lex Luthor, in that universe Superboy vanished in a battle with a villain known as the ‘Time Trapper’, after his death Martha and Jonathan Kent soon died, it was believed they died of a broken heart over losing their child. Lex Luthor met Lana Lang and Pete Ross at the Kent’s funeral’s and asked for their help in locating Superboy.

Lex found and unwittingly opened a phantom zone generator, allowing three Kryptonion criminals to escape from their imprisonment, destroying Lex’s lab the three criminals flew off on a mission to subjugate this world as they had failed to do on krypton. Within a week Zod had declared himself King of the world, with Zaora as his queen and Quez-Ui as his enforcer, for three long years the battles raged between the humans of the three Kryptonion's.

Locating three people who thought as he did (Oliver Queen, Bruce Wayne and Hal Jordan), Lex began his experiments in genetic manipulation, three years later he met with success and granted Lana Super-Powers.

Lana quickly adopted a variation of Superboy’s outfit as a rallying symbol for humanity, the battles waged on, with the death of Pete Ross, Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan, Lana found herself the only one now capable of stopping the super criminals.

Hatching a master plan, the three Kryptonion’s marched into battle. From three different points on the earth they used their powers t drill into the earth’s crust, boring holes right down to the molten core and letting millions of gallons of sea water in, it was instantly superheated by the earth’s core and blasted back out of the holes as red hot steam, boiling the seas instantly. The planet quickly fell to a dead husk after that, the atmosphere stripped away, the few survivors contained in a protective force field Lex had created around Smallville.

Lex soon came up with a plan to send Lana into Superman’s world to seek his assistance, bringing superman into this world they soon located the three super criminals, Lana and Superman took off to attack them, hoping to catch them off guard and subdue them. During the battle Zod attached Lana with a fierce burst of his heat vision, scarring her body and reverting her back into a proto plasma state (one of Lana’s powers was shape shifting). Superman raced to Superboy’s old lab and retrieved the last chuck of Gold Kryptonite there, using it to permanently remove Quex-Ul’s powers when he attacked.

Attacking Zod and Zaora with the Gold Kryptonite, Superman imprisoned them in a makeshift prison cube and flew off to see if he could save any of the survivors; the only one he found was a mortally wounded Lex Luthor.

On his deathbed, Lex confessed that is hadn’t been Lana who was Supergirl; she was one of the first ones who had been killed. He used her DNA to create a pattern for Protomatter and created an artificial life form, he gave it Lana’s image in the hope that Superman had a similar relationship to her in his universe.

With Lex dead, Superman believed himself to be the last living being on the planet, facing the three super criminals; Superman came to the hardest decision of his life. Fearing they would find a way to restore their powers and attack his universe, Superman had no choice but to act as judge, Jury and executioner for the crimes committed against an entire world.

Exposing the depowered criminals to Green Kryptonite the three villains soon turned on each other with they’re dyeing breaths, Zod exclaimed that he was an innocent fool, a dupe of Quex-Ul and Zaora. Quex-Ul attacked Zod on hearing this and killed him, Zaora begged Superman to spare her life, promising him ‘to be his slave and show him pleasures...’, as their last breaths fell Superman shed a single tear for what he had done before leaving the prison turned tomb and wandering the wastelands of the planet.

During his exploration of the planet he found Supergirl in her proto plasma state, cradling her body he went back to the lab and activated the portal home, Taking the unconscious proto plasmic Supergirl with him.

Taking the proto plasmic Supergirl back to the Kent farm he was met by his parents and Lana, he explained that she is all that remains of a whole universe. He asked Martha and Jonathan to look after her, to raise her as they raised him. If they did that she would be a good person one day.

Several years passed and ‘Supergirl’ or ‘Matrix’ as she was now being called by Martha and Jonathan had learned to control her super powers and shape shifting ability. She now took the form of a mid twenties woman with long blonde hair.

Despite warnings from Superman and her ‘parents’ Supergirl quickly established a relationship with Lex Luthor, believing him to be the same good man he was in her world. He used this trust to use her DNA to create an army of Supergirl’s for himself.

Supergirl found out about the ‘Cloning Lab’ and destroyed it and all the clones, feeling betrayed she ran to find the one person left on this world she felt a kinship with, Lana Lang. Explaining the details to Lana Supergirl was overcome with grief and anger. Losing control of her anger and shape shifting ability she morphed into a ‘Berserker Supergirl’ with metal spikes adorning her uniform and armored wrist bracelets. She took off, promising vengeance on Lex Luthor, promising to “make him regret every minute of his miserable life!”

Attacking the Luthor building Supergirl quickly dispatched the guards and found herself face to face with Lex Luthor himself, only this wasn’t the man she had known, he was withered and aged. It turns out that Lex was dying and that he was hoping to use her proto plasmic form to clone himself a new body, one with all the superpowers she had.

Hearing that Le was dying Supergirl lost all interest in vengeance and flew away, vowing to never be tricked like that again.

Talking to Superman, Lana and her ‘parents’ for one last time, Supergirl took off to see the world, hoping to do some good on the way round as she gained life experience and saw the planet she had devoted her life to saving.


Supergirl has numerous powers at her disposal, Flight, Super strength, control over matter to rearrange the molecules in her clothing to any form, Shape shifting and Psi-Blasts to name but a few. She wasn’t invulnerable like other versions of Supergirl as she wasn’t Kryptonion, but instead could use her shape shifting ability to heal herself from any injury in seconds.

It was never mentioned as to whether this form of Supergirl had a weakness for Kryptonite, as she wasn’t a Kryptonion it is likely that it would only affect her as it would a normal human. Killing her slowly over many years of exposure.


The uniform worn by this Supergirl set the standard for most Supergirl’s to come. A one piece long sleeved leotard with the ‘S’ emblazoned on the chest, a red skirt and red boots with a red cape, the ‘S’ shield again emblazoned on the back of the cape in yellow.

More to come soon


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lol nope, different versions of Supergirl, or different hero's that have all worn the costume with different back stories, different powers and such...

so far i have been able to identify 5 different Supergirls in the DCU, excluding evolutions of supergirl's characters (Such as when linda lee

it would get too confusing to do one history and merge them all together so i'm doing a seperate history for each Supergirl that has been, including the movie and Justice league unlimited cartoon :)


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Okay, wait, just keep me up to date here: What's the "Supergirl #4"? Are they the comic issues?

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lol god 5 supergirls???

must be more tiered than i thought, up all right rereading supergirl back issues lol

anyway i mean 7 supergirls... not including elseworlds and future supergirls who appeared...

i may do a seperate entry for Supergirls of the future and Supergirl's who are decendants of superman or a current Supergirl... might make that bit a bit easier but i don't have any plans for supergirl elseworlds otherwise i'd be writing this profile for years lol


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aha... cir el was on my list of supergirls to do later on... she wasn't in the official supergirls but i was going to add her as a sidenote as she's supermans child from a possible future...

i'll get round to that one asap :)


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methos says:

"aha... cir el was on my list of supergirls to do later on... she wasn't in the official supergirls but i was going to add her as a sidenote as she's supermans child from a possible future...i'll get round to that one asap :)M"

Coolbeans and thanks! =D

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right... Cir-El profile updated... should be approved soon lol

saying that i'm not too sure, so far i've submitted supergirls 1, 2, 4 and Cir-El just tonight, might take Captain Cascader a while to check through my submissions lol


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just a side note, if you're intrested in brief versions of the supergirls histories check out the 'battle of the hotty's' thread where i listed the important ones and gave them a little backstory for V


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