Supergirl Candor Series

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Just noticed this but did they misspell Kandor?

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@dementedtheclown:  yes and no, that Candor wasn't the real one it was home to a bunch of different types of aliens while Kandor was in Brainiac's ship and was turned in to new Krypton, at least thats how I make sense of it.
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I need to read that issue again. I don't remember it too well, but a lot of what RedK said is true I believe. I think Ultraman was also in that city that she visited and he was the ruler of it or something and Kara and Power Girl go there to stop him or something.

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That must be a photoshopped cover....

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@Matina Lopez:  yea, but in the first few pages it is spelled with a C.
    Incase anyone asks the tattoo says hope 
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 I can't remember the issue but she said the tattoo is gone because it dissolved into her skin or something

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@dementedtheclown: That issue was joke, it's from the time DC didn't know what to do with Kara. - Just remember DC when you bring people up from the comic hiatus and give them a title you better have some plots planned ahead!!!
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So how exactly did they ever explain the 2 Kandors?  There was the bottled city of Candor that Kara and Power Girl spent time in after Infinite Crisis and there was the Bottled City of Kandor that was on Brainiac's ship and was eventually transformed into New Krypton before being destroyed in War of the Supermen....where did Candor come from and before Infinite Crisis it wasn't a city full of different races it was the Kandor from Krypton filled with this just another Infinite Crisis retcon??

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@danhimself: It happened during One Year Later, I believe and was never fully explained, or even partially explained, to my knowledge.
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@The Dark Huntress:  i think the pic I posted kind of explains it
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@danhimself: Don't know how I missed it. You're right, it does.
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@Matina Lopez said:
" That must be a photoshopped cover....
It wasn't. It was the cover to the trade.

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