Supergirl Annual #2 REVIEWED, What Are Your Thoughts?

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It's hard to believe it's taken this long for Supergirl to finally get an Annual.  Are you reading Supergirl or the other Superman titles?  Despite all their history, it seems we don't often hear (or see around here) talk about them.  The New Krypton storyline has been pretty interesting.  We now have all these Kryptonians in existence.  Sure it might have changed Superman's status of being the "Last Son Of Krypton" but let's move on.  Kryptonians have been banned from Earth.  They (except Superman) are not welcome.  We are even seeing Kryptonian sleeper agents running around.
The other interesting thing is Kara is finally giving her secret identity some serious consideration.  It does seem right that if she's going to live on Earth, she should live with Earthlings.  Living among them allows her to see things from their perspective.  There's also the mystery behind the new Superwoman.  I have to admit that I didn't see that one coming.

When Supergirl first debuted in Superman/Batman, people seemed to really like Supergirl.  As her series progressed, it did feel as though she were going around without a firm direction.  Perhaps that is what turned people off of her.  Are you a Supergirl fan or a Supergirl hater?  Now that Sterling Gates has been writing Supergirl, is your opinion the same?  What do you think about Supergirl being on Earth even though she's not 'wanted' there?  Do you think Earth's hatred towards New Krypton will change?  What's going to happen when Superman finds out about this Superwoman?  What will happen when others find out about her identity? 
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This was a great issue, especially Superwoman story. I can't wait to see what the writing team does with her next.

#2 Posted by G-Man (32415 posts) - - Show Bio

I could be wrong but I get an impression people are skipping out on the Superman family titles.

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I need to check this series out I love Supergirl (The pre-crisis and Superman/Batman Kara none of those others in the 90's) and if the book is doing well maybe now is the best time to read it.
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The Superwoman story trades in December. I have to say though Sterling Gates works so much better when he isn't pulled into crossovers.'Why the World doesn't need Supergirl', 'guilding day' and now 'Secret Identities' have all been exceptional and all been one shots.Gates is the writer to go to if you want character stories with a good punch up for measure. I've only been let down once by Gates in the past year and that was the Supergirl part of codename:patriot. Insulted, one punched and never seen again, that was awful but narratively necessary as part of the big story with other writers.

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then i'll wait until the trade comes out ;)
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I hate Supergirl, and me and my friend are always at oods about her, I prefer Power girl, but i guess i'll check this out.

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@Editman: One story won't change that. I suggest picking up issue 34 and issue 43 as well as the annual.
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WoW a superwoman that killed, got to pick this up, and supergirl's new identitiy ...

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not a bad issue. Great review G-Man :)
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I can't believe James Robinson had Hal make her cry.

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@Grendel: Read the first arc of Brave and the Bold. Waid gets Kara more than most writers.
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This does seem pretty interesting about Supergirl giving her real name to a bunch of nuts. Something about the Superwoman story feels a bit generic to me though.

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Supergirl is cool. I need to pick her up more often though....

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iam gonna get this when the next Supergirl issue comes out.
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@Editman said:
" I hate Supergirl, and me and my friend are always at oods about her, I prefer Power girl, but i guess i'll check this out. "
Ew your AV
Supergirl> Powergirl, lets not discuss this again!

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