Smallville's Supergirl Joins V

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Some of you may remember the show V about the alien visitors that came to Earth.  They turned out not to be as friendly as they first appeared.  It started out as a mini-series which lead to a second due to its success.  It was then turned into a weekly television show for one season.  ABC has decided to remake the show.  Some big named actors have been brought on including Alan Tudyk and Morena Bacarin from "Firefly," Scott Wolf, Joel Gretsch and Elizabeth Mitchell from LOST (supposedly only for the pilot). has reported today that Laura Vandervoot, Kara from "Smallville" has been added to the cast.  She will play Lisa, "a flirty, younger-looking Visitor who is a guide aboard the Los Angeles mothership."
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I remember sneaking out of bed and sitting quietly behind the couch as my parents watched "V".  It was such an AWESOME show and I am super stoked that they are remaking it!  This new cast sounds awesome.

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Wow!  I'd always thought "V" would be an excellent show to be re-made, and now those thoughts are coming true!  AWESOME!  The only question I have, will Laura Vandervoot be eating any rats? 

I don't have a link or a pic at the moment, but in the series, the "V" aliens ate rats. 

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I think it was funny that Robert Englund played a nice alien.  But the first mini came out a year before the first Nightmare, I believe.

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seems everything is being re made in horror and sci fi these days.are the big companies frightened that people wont understand something they havent seen before ?? where are all the original ideas ?? i am remembering watching v religiously when it was first on,loved it but lets have something new.

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actually, while i'm horrified that they're remaking such a classic... this could actually turn out alright...

as long as it's done right and faithfully that is


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The question is, how faithful should they be to the original?  If they try to stay completely true, we'll know what's going to happen.  Can they add any new twists without mucking up what it's supposed to be?

I'm also glad I finally found a (kinda weak) angle to bring this discussion onto our boards.  Guess there was always off topic but....

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I think they should change it to serve the times we live in. I remember loving V as a kid. I'll be tuning in to it mos def. 

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if i remember rightly v was show as an alternative watch to the los angeles olympics,that makes me feel old !!

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I've never heard nor seen it before, but it sure sounds interesting

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never heard of the show lol

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i hope Laura can return to sv someday it kinda sucks now without her.
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I want to see the Alien Baby XD again.
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@Final Arrow said:
" I want to see the Alien Baby XD again. "
He scared the crap out of me when I was young xP
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you watching?
its back on tv!

#15 Posted by grimreaper1980 (606 posts) - - Show Bio

i hope she returns to smallville

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