should Kara get her own show

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should Kara get her own show either after Smallville or in the near furture if Laura Vandervoorts V show dose not work out. i think SV could have done so much more with Kara they could have explored her relationship with Clark more her relationship with Jor-EL maybe or her relationship with Martion Manhunter that tension was never resolved if i recall. Kara is my fav female DC hero i hated how SV treated her they just used her as a sex object for the most part like here fans here is a sexy young actress you can drool over for a bit. in my opion Kara was written better then Clark Kent during her small stay on Smallville. in my opion Laura Vandervoort deserved alot better i hope now that Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavin are gone i hope Brian and Kelly bring Kara back at some point in season 9 cause Laura deserves it she is a great actor she loves the charater with a passion.
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No not allot of these characters work in other media without the hero they were inspired by in the first place. Robin had a show but only in Teen Titans but if it was just him all his own then it wouldn't last, same counts for Supergirl. I loved Laura Vandervoort as Kara to and thought they did a shitty job on her character I always liked the casting in that show but it's a shame they never do anything interesting with the characters. They made a big deal about her then kept writing her off or giving her amnesia. Still Kara should not have been on that show the younger generation of heroes started with Robin and Supergirl showing up bothered me. Laura was great but  maybe a teenager should have been cast to really hammer Clark was older and more mature than her.

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the poll says otherwise my friend.
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I would so watch that.

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