Newbie Looking For the End of "The Supergirl Saga"

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Hey, all. "The Supergirl Saga," part 1, ran in Superman #21 (Sept. '88) and part 2 ran in Adventures of Superman #444 (Sept. '88). I thought the storyline was longer than that, but after checking out Action, S: Man of Steel and S: Man of Tomorrow (Steel & Tomorrow started too late to have included that storyline) I don't see any other issues. Does anyone know if Adventures #444 was the last part to that storyline? Or did the story continue in Superman and Adventures without the "Supergirl Saga" banner? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Plot summaries are missing from those pages, and I don't have the issues to fill them in myself. That's why I'm looking for them - I want to read the story arc.

EDIT: (7-30-10) I just realized, looking at a single issue page, that story arc titles are searchable here. Sheesh, all I had to do was type in "Supergirl Saga," and there's the page for it. Thanks for your help anyway, Sonofjorel. I'll learn this site yet.

EDIT: (10-10-10) Sheesh, I didn't even associate this with a page. It took me a bit to get the hang of CV. Thanks to all those who have helped me out along the way. I would just delete this blog, but it's got some ideas I like in the comments, and Sonofjorel was a big help, so I hate to just wipe that out..

EDIT: (10/09/12) I hadn't figured out links either, at this point, so all the links here were added today, when I started editing blogs to fit my new format.


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The story concluded in Superman #22. It's the best (and most dramatic) part, being the final act. It's one of my all time favorite Superman tales, Post-Crisis or Pre-Crisis.    

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Hey, Son', appreciate the info!  And it doesn't have the "Supergirl Saga" logo on it!  No wonder I kept overlooking it... not sure if I have that one or not (I'll look it up later).  Thanks much! 
What I've read of it so far, I really liked, and I think it's one of the most untapped stories DC has let go by.  I mean, the whole "earth angel" junk was absolute crud to me.  I liked this Supergirl when she first came out, but once you got past the novelty of her new powers and affection for Lex, she was the most two-dimensional character I had ever seen outside of supporting cast.  She saw an entire Earth die by the scorched earth warfare of three Kryptonians.  Granted, she was an inhuman construct, but she should have some kind of grander view on life.  An appreciation for it.  A protectiveness of it - more than the average super battle kind of protection... almost to the point of a paranoid world view.  No matter how much he helped in her universe, she should have had a wary eye on Superman, Power Girl and Superboy.  [Although I think both being man-made, her and Superboy should have had something in common - something to make them closer, as friends and allies.  Superboy could have even been her touchstone to understanding how this universe looks at Kryptonians (back then, before the whole New Krypton thing).]  In fact, if this weren't DC, where the recognizable name and costume is the thing, I could even see her taking a calculated step of choosing another name and costume, so as to intentionally distance herself from the association with Kryptonians, in case something happened here, like what happened in her universe.  [OR, going another way, she could take a half-step: changing her name to Superwoman, so she still has the trusted name recognition, but changing her costume to something, say, black and yellow, like a certain person from another Earth.]  I could see her deciding to keep a watchful eye on things... to say, oh, Monitor things.  This was Post-Crisis, and the Monitor was dead.  Harbinger was working alone, and... I think... the Monitor's satellite was still available for use (I don't remember - did they blow it up in the first Crisis?).  She could have watched, planned contingencies, and when Superman: King of the World came around, that could have been a much cooler story.  <sigh> But that's just me, I guess. 
EDIT:  I just re-read this, and realized that when I'm being slightly sarcastic and thinking things out at the same time, I use something like "oh, say" a little too much. lol
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Agreed.  They never quite cultivated that perspective on that Supergirl's character. I myself love the pre-crisis/post-crisis battle element of the story, and how Superman has demonstrated real limitations in his powers and mental stability....
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@Sonofjorel: As I'm thinking more about it, they could still do it, if they wanted to.  They could say the fire wings were just from her shapeshifting ability, and that she manufactured the whole "earth angel" thing in order to get away from the Superman family, and proceed to something resembling what I talked about above.  Of course, that's assuming Matrix wasn't destroyed.  I never did quite understand what happened to her, when they brought Kara back.  I lost track of which Supergirl was which, at the end of that series.

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