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What is wrong with this picture?! It's just no im confused i think i missed this issue did she really kill him? Was it an alternate reality?
Can someone explain my head hurts.... 

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The issue really didn't have anything to do with "The Death of Superman" Kara simply went back and made amends to the people that she harmed (Powergirl, The outsiders,The Teen Titans, and that chick from when she went to school) She was then confronted by Lois who told her to speak with Clark, and Then she agreed to meet with Clark.

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Oh ya i missed that way to mislead readers Kelly. Thank you for easing my headache. I thought she had seriously killed him.

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You can never trust covers, example: One of the Dark Avengers covers shows The Iron Patriot attacking Doom, yet that never happens in the story.
Covers are meant to attract, despite how true they are to the story.

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*Looks at cover*
*Looks at page*

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