Emma Watson as Supergirl!

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oh jesus christ.........

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Oh my.... I approve.

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No way. . .

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Emma's cute, just not Supergirl-type.

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That's "no" to Emma Watson with an extra side of "Hell No" to Daniel Radcliffe.

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Looks wise its not a bad idea and she's definitely a better actress than Laura Vandervoot (don't think I spelled that right). But unfortunately I think unless the film was made after about 10 years or so too many people would still associate her visually with Hermione Granger and by than she's not exactly a girl anymore. That's the problem with growing up through a very successful franchise, the world places you into one image. That's always been the big fear of people playing characters like Superman and Batman. But its not a horrible idea. 
Definitely no for Daniel Radcliffe being Superboy.
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I've seen worse casting ideas than Watson as Kara.
Daniel Radcliffe as Superboy though, is the worst idea in existence.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

oh jesus christ.........

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to me laura vandervoort is my supergirl.

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Emma Watson is NOT Supergirl material at all.

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when i saw Radcliffe in the back there i totally lost it. It's just the expression on his face lol

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@Iron_Turtle said:
That's "no" to Emma Watson with an extra side of "Hell No" to Daniel Radcliffe.
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Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!


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How can you NOT like Emma Watson as Supergirl? She is very cute, a very good actress, and playing a tough witch translates well to playing a tough Superhero chick. Absolutely Emma!

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Can I get a hell no. Although she really is cute in that second pic.

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@LoganRogue24 said:

to me laura vandervoort is my supergirl.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

oh jesus christ.........

@TheGoldenOne said:
@Iron_Turtle said:
That's "no" to Emma Watson with an extra side of "Hell No" to Daniel Radcliffe.
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i love Emma, i really do..but no, she's not supergirl

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ok i love emma shes like one of my idols and lord knows i love daniel radcliffe!........ but ummm no sorry.

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FAIL photoshopping on that first image.

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But kryptonians are vulnerable to magic she would be her own weakness. Plus where in Gods name would she put her wand in that skirt......Oh my.....I think i changed my mind about this....yep...I really really want to see this movie now :)

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WHy not? I do think she can handle the role of Supergirl, as she is young, pretty, sexy and look heronic; She can dress well of the tunic as well!

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I'm oddly ok with it.

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It's not that I think she'd be terrible, I just think you could find someone better.

Although if they were going for a younger (seeming) portrayal of Supergirl with a wholesome bent, then I think it would work. Sort of a Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures (although certainly not "in the 8th grade").

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This is the worst fancast I've seen.

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I'm not keen on the idea of celebs playing Kara, although I do think the look of Amanda Seyfried would work for Kara.

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.....What are you Ewwing about i simply meant that since the skirt has no pockets she'll have to put down the wand and it won't be like Herminie playing supergirl it will be like a good actor playing her....what do you have a dirty mind or something I tried to make meaning as obvious as possible :)

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@BlackArmor: I knew exactly what you meant. The eww I sent you was a LOL in disguise. ( It's South African teenage boy humour). So, LOL!

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It's just Radcliffe's facial expression and the way he's standing had me laughing. I don't know about WAtson being Supergirl though.

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I could see it, supergirl has a delicacy about her that Emma also does

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