Did New Krypton change how you viewed Supergirl?

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Personally, I was loving the Supergirl comics before New Krypton. They painted the image of a teenager trying to find herself and fit in with a society she didn't understand while still trying to be a superhero. I thought it was awesome, and then New Krypton came along and made her inability to fit in due to Kryptonite poisoning and  *BAM* now she acts all grown up and mature.
To me, Supergirl is about a character that makes mistakes and learns from them, and I thought it was a bit of a cop out to blame it all on Kryptonite poisoning and brush it under the rug.
Anyways, do you think now that that story arc is over the stories will go back to the struggling teenager Supergirl? Or do you think it'll go in a completely different direction?

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To have changed her personality so drastically with the "kryptonite poisoning" explanation, I'd say we're probably going to see a different direction.  Honestly, I hope so.  I think they propped the Supergirl title up for twenty-some issues with one guest star after another, and tie-ins to Superman story arcs and company wide events.  On her own, I don't think the title would have made it a year.  But I've been reading comics since the Seventies, so I was around when Supergirl died.  For DC to have her be a rebellious teenager, sent to kill Superman, didn't seem like a good way to bring her back.  I hope they make her a little more of the Kara we knew years ago (just a little) and find her some cool villains.

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@cbishop: Yeah there were a tonne of guest stars and tie ins, I guess I didn't notice since I only started to read comics this year so I went and bought every inter-relating issue I could find so I could make an iota of sense out of what I was reading. But yeah I agree about the being sent to kill Superman thing wasn't a great idea. That was just confusing O_o. 
Did you read Supergirl #53, I think it was? Bizarro Supergirl might be an interesting villain :) Will have to see how it goes.
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@GrombleTromble: I didn't see that issue, but I'm always down with a Bizarro story (or any "evil twin" or variation on that theme).  I don't know what the Biz' Supergirl was like, but the Biz' Superman has been transformed into a scary monster of a character now.  He used to be more fun, years and years ago.  I wish they'd find a good mix of yesteryear and now for him.  I won't bore you with my ancient memories, since you're new to the comics. lol
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haha I know what you mean, I've seen a few issues from yesteryear with the original Bizarro, back when he was semi-good, just clumsy and overzealous. Nowadays he's like a reflection of Superman that got twisted along the way into something evil. But I mean all of the characters were more than a bit goofy back in the silver ages haha, would be good to see a little more of it these days tho, comics are just a <sarcasm> little </sarcasm> more serious these days. Mass zombification (Blackest Night) being a good example haha
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Sterling Gates and New Krypton are the best thing that happened to Supergirl since Crisis On Infinite Earths.

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